Help: i can't find this spell

Some time ago i transcribed a spell that i red on a handbook ... but i don't remember in which one!
The spell is the following (if i remember well it was an effect instilled in an enchanted mirror):

Links of Stone (In Te20)
R: Arc, D: Mom, T: Ind
The caster holds a piece of stone in her hands and receives a brief mental image of the sorroundings of the object that this stone is an Arcane Connection to. This spell could be used to find a statue that a fragment came from, or the quarry that the blocks of a castle were chiseled from. If the stone is an Arcane Connection to several things, then the newst Arcane Connection, or the closest, is revealed.
(Base 4, +4 Arcane Connection)

Please help me !!!


Ancient Magic page 36 (Canaanite Necromancy).

It's (Base 4, +5 Arc) though. So some errata may be needed...

Thank you very much! I've searched Ancient Magic, but i didn't see it at all :cry:.