Help in laboratory question

The raw Says that only activities using magic theory can benefit from the help of the lab. However, there are activities that use a magic skill and should logically be able to benefit from this type of assistance. A typical example is a verditius magus performing an automata in his lab. Why he couldn't have help assembling the machine? the idea is to shorten the time of realizing, or maybe to reduce the difficulty evel. Any opinion?
thanks for answers

Do you ask here, whether a Verditius with the Automata Major Inner House Mystery can use help in his lab to Create an Automaton (HoH:MC p. 129)? This is help in using a Mystic ability, namely Craft Automata.
Looking at that ability, I would cover any help of people with relevant skills, but not initiated into the same Mystery, as just a way to contribute to the cost of building the Automaton, though it would not increase the Craft Automaton total achievable.
Lab help by another Verditius also initiated into Automata is - see Hybris (HoH:MC p. 118f) - very unlikely, and probably because of that not covered by rules and completely left to the Troupe. Using one's Hybris score as a bonus to the Craft Automata total is allowed explicitly on HoH:MC p.119, and far more in keeping with the usual personality of Verditii initiated into Major Inner House Mysteries.


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