Help in the laboratory

Say, if one magi helps another in the lab, and they add their Magic Theory scores together, does this also cound for how many vis they can use in a single season? So if they both have 3 in Magic Theory, could they together open an item for enchantment with 12 pawns of vis?
Also, are the scores in Magic Theory added together when it comes to how high the shape and material bonuses can be?


Nope. ArM5 p103 'help in the Lab' says: " add the helper's Int+Magic Theory to your Lab Total..."
Investing huge amounts of vis in a device can only be doen by raising own MT - except if 'cheating' by using Verditius' mysteries.

Ah, must have missed that. Well, we're considering making a classic flying carpet. Can't find the Shape bonus for that anywhere. But I remember seeing it somewhere at one point.. hmm..


Check the Ars Magic page on the Atlas site. There are links to Shape and Material bonuses through the Arts and Academe books.

Aha, I was looking for "carpet", but it is under "rug". :slight_smile: