Help me find a familiar

My maga character will, soon enough, be looking for a familiar and I thought I'd ask the forum for ideas as I can't think of a fitting animal.
She is a Muto Mentem specialist, who is focused on changing herself to become a being of pure spirit (pure mind).
The most fitting animal theme-wise seemed to be the Silk Worm, spunning delicate threads around itself until it disappears (as per the 4e Bestiary)... somehow, a silk worm doesn't seem as a, ehm, respectable familiar. :open_mouth:

Any help?


Chameleon, Scitalis, or Seps? (All from 4th ed. Medieval Bestiary, too.)

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How about some kind of moth? Here's an interesting one:

I suggest a bird, like the spell Inmost Companion, MuMe Level 40. I'd do some kind of dove, since their cooing is often soothing to the mind, and magical doves often have Mentem powers. Or perhaps a nightingale or mockingbird, a type of bird that has a magical ability to speak?

Or, to go a different route, you could do a spider, perhaps one like the ones the Tremeres keep in True Lineages?

I'd suggest a tree.

You could have a campaign to seek a tree of life...


Hmm, definitely Muto, and the hiding is a twist...

it's a beautiful hunter, I don't see how it fits.

can't find it.

A strong possibility.

Very interesting indeed, I forgot about the spell. A magpie would also be appropriate, I think.

A spider swarm.... too srange, but definitely a cool idea!

Again, too strange for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys! Excellent ideas to chew on.

4th ed. Medieval Bestiary p.94. A small poisonous snake with chameleonlike ability to change his skin colour.

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