Help me with the podcast?

Hi all,

For a while now we have done a thing where we try to do something in November. A post a day, a monster a day...that sort of thing.

Over on the podcast I'm having microepsiode week. Basically my podcast subscription is "use it or lose it" 50 minutes a month, I keep getting these little leftover minutes. So, this week those leftover minutes come back as 3 microepisodes.

If people like it, I'm thinking of trying 31 micros for November. For that I need a theme. The two I've been thinking about are these :

  • Going through covenants and giving more detail on a Boon or Hook. I don't really need ideas for this, but if you prefer it, please say.
  • Talking about an odd income source. In my notes I've three that have never quite bubbled up to be an episode: Sicilian seashell beard fabric, Amalfi linen paper and Belgian whetsones. If people like this, then chipping in with weird things on this thread would be great...

...orp eople could go "Micros: I hate them...just keep doing the Cornwall stuff faster." That's fair too.

I don't mind short episodes, and have trouble finding time for long ones, but I suspect I am in the minority here.


Brief encounters: Minor odd things to season your sessions with. A person you meet on the road. Mendicants, beggars, and other surprise house guests. Irritating faeries, demons, minor saints, magical spirits.

The Feast Day of Saint Hugh Isthat.

Medieval Past-Times - One per mini. Including Hermetic Amusements.

Personally I like the strange income topic more then the other one. my 2 cents

I listen to your podcast while commuting, so longer is always better. So far, the idea that has gotten me thinking the most was your observation -- I believe it was in one of the Dunsany series -- that we are simply presuming that a Faerie Aura of 0 is the minimum. Why can't there be negative Faerie auras, where things are less romantic... and this leads us to a mundane "real world" such as the one we live in, giving an opening for all kinds of new characters not usually possible in Mythic Europe.

But the Lady of Shallot one and Goblin Market are still the most useful, pound for pound!

To expand on Hermetic Amusements, Mage Hobbies, Magical Performances, or Parlor and Outdoor Games.

Hobbies might include things like gem breeding, vermin mutation, or baking.

Performances could be spell demonstrations, shadow plays, fireworks.

Games runs from Tremere chess to magic jousting (which is well explained in Lion and Lilly).

I do really like these two ideas, actually.

On a related note, brief encounters could be easily turned into mini-adventures. My own current drive for the game I'm storyguiding is looking for more things for non-mages to do. I'm particularly hindered that one magus is Driven to prove himself as competent, and so runs off to do adventures. Constantly. He's trying to become a Quaesitor. I wouldn't mind a section of 'Adventures For Grogs'.

Really, looking for something to make 31 mini-episodes on is going to be difficult, so you could do a new topic every week, or in batches of five or six. This week: Encounters with Demons! Next week, Amusements of the Magical and Famous!

I like the idea of mini-episodes even though I prefer longer episodes since longer episodes really get my imagination flowing with ideas to use in my upcoming campaign.

I'm very interested in mini-epidoldes that explore perspectives from the mundane world, such as grog perspectives on aspects of the covenant strange happenings -- encounters with faeries, Magi laboratories, unusual diets, etc. I also like the idea of brief encounters.