Help on Lab Disaster

So, our covenant finally gets some advancement! Enough for my Bonisagus to make four whole experimentation attempts on her InVi spells, working towards a new virtue for detecting Vis and helping in the laboratory. So, I eagerly pull out my D10 and roll away getting, in order:

Story Event
Story Event
Story Event
Major, Covenant Threatening Disaster

So...apparently I did something with InVi that sparks a year long adventure, but my group is having some trouble deciding on just what. Any suggestions?

  • Calling the attention of some powerful magical being would be a possible option.

  • Scrying by mistake on all magi on a thousand miles around might be an option. Obviouysly nobody believes it was anaccident and they want to march the whole covenant. Including the sheep.

  • Being overwhelmed with info on a new vis source. Maybe BELIEVING you aare the magical oak in the clearing by the pool or something weird like that, like your senses being displaced to the magical pool and the others need to find it and "negotiate" with the pool (or the undine there) to "cure" you of your affliction.

  • Maybe you become aware of every tinny crack and problem in the covenant and go berserk trying to "fix" it, causing lots of damage to the construction due to your inability to work on proper mundane structures and the fact that you are out of your mind at the time.

  • Or you can accidentally have asked a dragon to come and burn down the country.



Your experiments have somehow cracked the barrier between the Magic Realm and the mortal world. In the first three seasons, the fracture widens, slowly creating more and more powerful magical effects. In the first season a mundane thing (perhaps wheat, or the utensils in te kitchen...) becomes magical, causing problems. In the next, a magical thing becomes sentient and more powerful, which causes a more major story. In the third, the mundanes in the covenant (the covenfolk) all start exhibiting magical capabilities. In the fourth season, the covenant is torn from the mundane realm into a Regio, or perhaps to the Magic Realm itself, causing multiple Twilights and trapping its inhabitants in the upper region without any magi to aid them.

Ok, I've been reading RoP:M too much.

Another option is not to have a year-long adventure. Have three small, unrelated, events - and another big one. Not even an adventure, just events and let the PCs carry on as normal. Perhaps in the first season the raw vis in the surrounding area turned bright for a moment, revealing a new source of raw vis for the covenant, that happens to be in some magus' sancta. Perhaps in the second a child cleaning the lab was imbued with Magic Sensitivity. Perhaps in the third spirits of magic run rampant through the covenant, disrupting all the magi's work for a Season (instead of assisting them). Perhaps in the third all the raw vis burned brightly, then faded into non-existence, leaving the covenant without any raw vis just as a threat on it was emerging or a debt was due...

I'd also consider not letting a few dice rolls divert your saga. If you have fun adventures planned and these results don't fit in, and don't seem like more fun - then ignore them. Have the SG replace them with some other results, re-roll, or so on. Don't let the dice get in the way of having fun.

Hi, i think thatb all suggestions are greats, and i want make other, betwen the magi accidently scrying and the dragons affairs. You have discovered the un worldy rest place of a powerfull wizard, disturbing his Twilight existence or his magical jail. One suggestions could be Guorma the fetid, the horrifid master of Tremere, Tytallus and Pralyx. This could become a great adventure, no?

How about some story seed like

the Player suddenly learns through scrying of major magical stockpiling by another covenant and that friendly covenant and by the same scrying that they are about to be challanged to Wizards war by a very martial covenant who sees now as the time to strike, erradicate and steal all their resources. How do they tell them about the stockpiling without revealing their scrying and opening themselves up for charges at tribunal, or turning the martial covenants attentions to them.


When accidentally scrying on another magi, they discover that said Magi is making deals with demons. That said magi suddenyl becomes aware of this scrying and gets ready to retaliate, How do they legitimately deal with this threat without his allies leaking the scrying at tribunal and damaging the covenants reputation.


story events are not just bad stuff - you might simply have detect a gifted child (useful if you're looking for an apprentice - or willing to sell said gifted child to another magus)

That is not possible. :wink:

Remember the bot about the Earth Elemental eating up your raw vis?
Maybe something like that happens, their vis and some matter becoming one, and your magi suddenly find themselves deprived of some of their vis and with an angry elemental on their hands