Help populate my village with archetypes

IMS, the solo player maga has just rescued the survivors of a village that has been sacked by a marauding band of Germanic wolf shapechangers. The survivors are to populate her new mini-covenant. I'm looking for some personality / worker archetypes to help me easily role-play the villagers.

I should note that the village was established by a descendent of the Faerie Lord Munninn (one of Odin's Ravens), to keep a secret. The village was inside a faerie regio, and the whole valley was guarded by a Tree with Magic Might of 20 using a "shrouded glen"-type power. There are villagers who have the "unaging" virtue, if they wandered into the regio from outside (therefore there could be survivors from different time periods). Any villager born there has a 50% chance of being a Raven Shapechanger upon entering puberty. All of the adult shapechangers, and all of the men, died defending the village.

The survivors include:

1 folk witch, who is the spiritual leader, keeping the old raven ways alive, as well as the keeper of the Secret. When the attack began she grabbed all of the children and went deeper into the regio.

5 women of various ages. 3 had been captured and raped by the maruaders.
... 1 has been impregnated.

1 girl of about 14. She witnessed her family being murdered and is now a hot-headed reactionary, eager to rush into any dangerous situation. I see her as a future "maidservant" from the "Grogs" supplement, if the Maga chooses to channel the girl's energy and train her.

20 children of various sexes and ages. Some will grow to become shapechangers.
... 1 is 5-year old savant (from "Grogs"), with a knack for carpentry.

So I'm looking for personality archetype suggestions.
For example:
Earthy woman who loves food
Young woman with Gift of Venus who has gotten by so far on her charms, but now faces a much more difficult existence
Runaway noble's daughter, from a time long past

I'm also looking for general trade suggestions:
For example:
(and the children can be son/daughter of: Carpenter, woodsman, etc.)

In situations like this, I turn to tarot cards because they can be so evocative and take me places where I didn't intend to go.

So, we have these characters:

  1. Witch. I guess this one is already well defined as an important NPC
  2. Woman
  3. Woman
  4. Woman (violated)
  5. Woman (violated)
  6. Woman(violated, pregnant)
    7-26. Children

I see a problem with the day to day running of the covenant: you have no raw brute force: no men around. That can be a problem unless the maga gets herself involved in the day to day running of the community. or one of the women is rather strong and can do the jobs generally associated with men.

besides that, I would suggest.

  1. GIRL. Daughter of the deceased miller. Leader of the children. The most intelligent of the children. She acts as a gang leader. Mischief. Touched by Magic: Entrancement or Bless of Childlike faith effect. She does not like much the newcomer maga, but guards her opinion to herself.

  2. BOY. Shpherd son & Gang leader with strong area knowledge. Not the biggest of the guys, but the most resourceful one. He hates the leader girl, since his gang is smaller. However, he is more proactive and has a strong area knowledge. Inquisitive, a little bit too much for his own good and he generally gets beaten by his mother when he causes problems

  3. MATILDE. One of the surviving women. Not violated. Bossy and of broad girth. She is an alewife with quite a knack for her business, but used to earn her living spinning whool from her herd. Mother of the gang leader boy.

  4. ELISSE. One of the violated girls. She has Premonitions and knew this was going to happen, so is not specially mind-broken by the event. She is pregnant. She is the widow of one of the village's virgateers, so she used to be quite well off (of r apeasant) in economic terms. The current situation has seen her worse off, though. She is quite shy and calm, and the other women consider her to be a little bit too calm and eerie considering the last evbents that they have suffered. Somewhat detached, but kind. She gets along well with the children, specially the girls, even if she does not have any children of her own yet.

Thanks Xavi.

I like the girl leader of the children a lot, especially the distrustful trait....! Story potential there, if they start to gang up.

Yes, the lack of brute force is going to be a story point.
Especially because the maga doesn't have an Aegis spell yet.

And the shapechangers are still out there, though now very wary.... Gonna be quite sticky for several seasons.

I'm actually getting a product printed that's designed for this sort of situation.

Some of the suit of clubs, adapted to fit:

A woman with one blue eye and one brown. She's addicted to a faerie herb that grants her second sight, and wandered into the regio while looking for more, leaving a family behind outside. She doesn't know how long ago that was.

A young, incredibly beautiful girl hated for something her parents did. Either her (dead) parents were involved in the wolves arrival, or she's the so far unborn daughter of the violated woman.
She wants to leave, as she cannot imagine ever being accepted by her fellows. She may well become a wolf shapechanger as she grows.

A seamstress with disheveled hair whose love died in the attack. It is not her husband she mourns, but another of the women of the village.

The 8-year-old son of a builder/thatcher, who is always trying to flirt with the young girls.

The 13-year-old son of the village's chief. He's used to being able to throw his father's name around, and doesn't know how to deal with life without that authority.

I Love the product! >>EDIT<< (my other questions were answered in your FAQ section at the bottom of the page.)

Thanks for the great NPC ideas!

The clumsy off-beat who masters the rhythm of a craft and become skilled. That's the "make horseshoe" song but I haven't found a "walk and chew" song yet.

The tomboy and her ward. I'm joining the guards and so is he.


The horse-whisperer. Don't give me that look or you'll be next in the pot, I'm taking that egg either way.

The linguist who absent-mindedly replies in the language of the request. What do you mean, I wasn't speaking German?

bump. (session's in 2 days.) :wink: