Help with a new InAq Spell

One of my players experimented trying to invent a level 25 InAq spell and she got two modified effects. One completely changed the spell within the same technique and form and the other was a range, duration, effect or potency increase.

I'm thinking about something that might give her information like

"The bottle contains wine made from grapes grown in the south of France in 1144, the grapes were crushed by the feet of only one man and then allowed to ferment in a barrel for a year after which they were bottled and remain in the bottle until it was first opened one year ago when a single glass was poured"

I'm thinking that the base level for this might be as high as 20 as this pretty much gives all the information that might be gathered from talking to the wine, but it could be much less. Would you guys recommend having this work with other liquids like oil or water? I wasn't envisioning this working on larger quantities of liquid like a fountain, lake, or well, but certainly a barrel should be fine.

Basically once I nail down the base effect I figured I'd tweak the range/target to get the spell to 25 even if that meant getting all the information for the liquid in a room she can see ...

any help advice or comments are appreciated.

It would help if you could give us the description and parameters (range, duration and target) that the magus was trying to invent. That's the base that is getting modified, since even if the spell is completely changed it helps to know what it was supposed to do. And knowing the intended Base, Range, Duration and Target we know where to start from for the potency increase.

She was trying to invent voice of the lake. R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind