Help with a number of effects please

Hello all,

I have a question on how best to represent the following type of effect:

I would like to set up an enchanted room where everything crossing a certain threshold within the room (lets say the 4/5ths mark) is affected by the room.

For example, a peson steps into the room and then crosses the 4/5ths line and is now subject to a continuous effect of ... say being able to clearly recall memories from memory fragments (as per the Quesatorial Magics in HoH:TL). Would this be Target: Part, with a continous effect?

Also, I am thinking it be preferable to enchant a smaller item - say a sculpture set in an alcove of the room, or a tile set into a mosaic floor or wall - as it would save on Vis. Would this have any downsides compared with enchanting the room (save the obvious form and effect bonuses one would not get from the room)?

Thanks for your help in advance. :smiley:

I would say you no longer have Target: Room, but a nonstandard target. This would be harder with a spell, but in this case, where you're enchanting the room itself, I'd say you should be able to make it work at no extra cost. You would probably build a dividing wall across the room before enchanting it, and design the effect so it continues in the same area when the partition is removed.

In that situation I would say you would need to do some extra work to make it follow your 4/5ths line - say an extra magnitude. Besides that, the most obvious disadvantages are that a smaller object is more easily damaged or stolen.

Yes, I suppose the easiest thing to do would be just use two rooms and then the effect line is at the threshold. Nothing says the door-arch can't be open and large. I am also thinking a variety of cool lab effects are possible, but something like a second door that one could enter through and not be affected would be ideal to minimize the twiglight factor.

As to the other effects, I am thinking on the best way to make things very very small when they enter the room. Maybe even have two doors - one where things can enter/exit the room and shrink/grow and one to enter the room with no size change.

This effect I am still thinking on (a thought experiment) is how to make a room with a small kingdom in it. Everyone and everything brought in through one door is scaled by 12 sizes ... alot of warping for the little people :slight_smile:

it may be easier to just enchant the door way, then if you go in one door the spell is triggered, if you go in the other you are fine.

If you are enchanting the room I would ok "when someone steps on this portion of the floor" as a reasonable environmental trigger.

If you are trying to enchant the room for a magical effect like "remembering", I figure you want it for lab work or some such? Why not just scribe a circle on the floor (even if its a square room) and enchant the circle. Make sure the circle covers the area where you are going to work (say the desk) and go with that. The advantage here is that it can't be stolen, you only have to enchant the circle (maybe silver inlay?), and you can eliminate warping, because you only spend part of the day in it...You could also have it activate when you sit at the it not "On" all the time...

Okay, so maybe you want to take it with you...
Make your tile with the target Circle...
When you need to use it, just lay down a circle (the number of ways to do so are...well, a lot).
You could put the enchantment on anything could be sybolic..a small trinket shaped like door...a small tile with a circle on it...
This way you could use it outside if needed..

well you couldn't use the elegant environmental trigger idea that I suggested.

(You could still set up a linked trigger to an intellego spell. This is, in my opinion, a bit more elegant than non-standard parameters, but perhaps less elegant than a compound room divided by an arch.)