Help With Mystery Cult

I'm, slowly, working on another post for create an arch-magus. For those who have not been following the posts - The Fianna (a celtic themed cult of wizard/warriors - and a Diedne front) has suffered a split. The cults founder was killed (on accident - a fast cast mighty torrent of water caused 30 points of damage) while using a PeVi spell to try to destroy his ex-wife (whom lost the transformed human virtue as a result of his actions). The cult then split between those who supported, and those who opposed the killer. The cults current initiations look like:

Everybody but the founder thinks the last initiation is Life-Linked Spont Magic. The original idea was to give members the tools to reach high standing in the Latin houses, then turn them into Diedne agents. The plan was thought up by a Diedne ghost who lost his sanity sometime before his life. The initiations are a miss-mash and the final plan has a critical flaw - why would simply initiating Diedne magic turn a senior magus into a Diedne agent.

The Magi supporting the killer would like to rename their offshoot the Knights of Hermes (keep in mind this is set in 1141 - before the second crusade). After creating a script to initiate Flexible Formulaic Magic, the cult members would like to clean up the initiations and focus on formulaic magic. Considerations: This group is made up of a Bonisagi (Trianomae), Two Flambeau, a Merinita and a Mercurian Mercere. The desired final result would be both mystical and provide useful combat tools. These magi put a premium on providing the tools not to die in combat.

I'm looking for suggestions and what to do with this. A couple things to keep in mind.
Faerie Sympathy (Warrior) (or Knight) should probably move to the 7th initiation or drop to a minor virtue. This transforms the initiate to be closer to the cults ideal.
At some point Supernatural Nuisance (Faerie) or other Faerie related flaws might be appropriate. These magi are basically ringing the dinner bell for faeries who's stories involve warriors. One possible way the cult might reorganize would be:

One possibility might be:

Outer Mystery

  1. Intuitive

Lower Mysteries (do crazy things - and live through the experience)
2. Unaging - Higher Purpose
3. Charmed Life - Faerie Nuisance
4. Self-Confident

Higher Mysteries
5. Flawless Magic
6. Flexible Formulaic Magic - Restriction
7. Faerie Sympathy (Knight)

Another version might be:
Outer Mystery

  1. Intuitive

Lower Mysteries
2. Faerie Sympathy (Knight)(minor virtue) - Higher Purpose
3. Unaging
4. Charmed Life - Faerie Nuisance

Higher Mysteries
5. Flawless Magic
6. Flexible Formulaic Magic - Um, some kind of flaw?
7. Self-Confident

My main concern is putting too many major virtues into the cult. Given the initiation mechanics - it makes sense to bunch major virtues with a major ordeal. Also the Fion story argues for placing Flawless Formulaic Magic (gaining knowledge) early in the initiatory order. Finally, I can't help but thinking cautious sorcerer should be in here somewhere.

It seems like there's too much specific knowledge that I'm missing. :frowning: