Help with the rules

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Tldr: If you have only half of a season as free time, an you use that time based on the rules for Distractions on p. 165 of CRB?

My magus had 6 Medium wounds and 4 medium wounds from poison.
Other magi used a tone of Vis to heal a few wounds and conjured recovery circles to help the natural healing of other wounds.

All in all the character spent 1 month at -30 penalties, started the next month - after some fortune rolls - with 1 medium and 4 light wounds at -7 penalty. After the first week of the second month all the light wounds were gone, and he had only 1 medium wound , so he was at -3 penalty. More then half of the season is free for him.
After the second month he had only 1 light wound and had 1 free month from the season.

Based on the Distraction rules on p. 165 CRB he has 1/3 of the season , so is he eligible for 1/3 of the Advancement (study) total of that season?

For example if he has a rather good book which can provide 18 XP, can the magus receive 1/3 AKA 6 XP for the rest of the season spent with learning?
Or if he has a good theater who could provide 21 XP can he receive 7 XP for the 1/3 of the season?

I am not sure:

  • Is this the RAI?
  • Is this the RAW?
  • Did my inner munchkin trick me to squize any possible XP from all the seasons? :smile:

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Your math is correct. I hope the book is a Summa and not a tractatus.