Hermetic Empowerment ideas

Hi chaps - I was just reading the Minor Mystery Virtue Hermetic Empowerment from TMRE. I'm trying to think of some examples of how it might be useful. What ritual spells would you bind in to a device if you could? The obvious ones like Aegis of the Hearth can't be done, so healing sounds the best bet, but any others? Anyone design me a Hermetic healing wand or similar using this mystery???

cj x

There are some Year long scrying rituals that would be handy to make permanent.

And certain large boundary/season or boundary/year effects that likewise one would desire to have as a regular addition to a locale.

Both of these imply binding something into a (relatively?) non-mobile object, like a standing stone, covenant corner stone or lake.

Or are you talking about a "ritual-in-a-wand" type device?

Since the Might Score is drained permanently and the prison cannot be refilled, Hermetic Empowerment as written is ill-suited for effects that should be cast regularly - the spirit will fairly rapidly lose its ability to power the ritual, so you've invested lots of time and effort to - at most - save just a little bit of raw vis. Hence, it is really only useful for casting rituals rapidly. Healing spells seem most fitting, but so would be powerful curses, e.g. an Until-duration (ritual) spell. Combat spells of higher than level 50 don't need HE, they can be invested without it, otherwise they'd make a great addition.

I've designed an item that casts The Bountiful Feast using this mystery, but I cheated - I let the spirit regenerate Might yearly.

Would it be possible to empower a spell that restores might to another spirit empowering another effect?

One standing stone does the primary function ... lets say the Shrouded Glen for example.

The second, third, etc. standing stones could then act as 'batteries' to give the primary spirit some might back on a regular basis.

This nested effect could, if it works, allow for very long duration primary effects. I think the devil is in the details though - and I don't have access to my books right now to work it out :slight_smile:

I seem to recall something like this in atropopaic magics, but I'm too lazy to check :blush:

Thanks chaps. Yes, it basically creates a charged magic item which allows rapid casting without vis of most ritual spells, and one can build several Spirit Prisons in to determine how much Vis is available. It's a neat virtue, and in the right circumstances invaluable, and healing in combat is one very obvious method - I am tempted to make a ring which when my magus is horribly wounded (inacpacitated) automatically triggers a ritual healing that restores me to full health. I might have a go at designing a character and see how possible that is, and how powerful (old) a magus has to be before this is useful.

Which leads to another set of questions - which I will ask elsewhere on this forum, about Spirits.

cj x

EDIT Ok, understood now. It looks to me like you need a spirit of half the level of the spell - so a level 10 minimum as a ritual spell can not be less than 20? So my cure incapacity spell effect would require me to bind a level 18 spirit?

Can I draw vis from several spirits to cast the spell? Can anyone help???

cj x

You would want a more powerful spirit as once its Might is drained to below the minimum (half the spell's level) it can no longer power further activation of the spell.

You can draw raw vis from several spirits, each held in a separate prison, however each one must be able to power the effect on its own (i.e. has a current Might Score equal to half the spell's level or higher).

I don't know how to restore Might Score with magic, Ritual or otherwise, so I don't know how to set up the standing stone ring gaapprime suggests. At any rate the expense of preparing all those items for enchantment and then instilling them with the battery effects and prison effects and the primary Ritual effect and then coercing several spirits of the right Might and nature and Realm into the prisons ... all of this is a rather extreme effort for very little gain.