Hermetic Inclination in (Terram) vs. Touched by (Magic)

Salve Sodales!

 I seek your help in deciding between these two virtues for my Maestro Mason/Sculptor in an upcoming game.  He is an artist, first and foremost, but I love the idea of adding cool effects to his art.  I am currently leaning towards HII(T), and here is my current thought process:

Hermetic Inclination in (Terram)
Adds Terram form to crafting the effect
Can study Terram to advance skills
Is permanent
can be "used" by anyone

single form (Terram) effects
cannot use requisites
cannot use assistants to increase craft total for magical effect
must be a constant effect
can only effect itself
acts as an AC to crafter

Touched by (Magic)
can use two Forms (double the number of cool effects)
can have requisites (at least they are not explicitly banned)
can use assistants to increase craft total
can add shape/form boni to craft score
can use touch range in addition to personal
can be turned on and off, depending on how it was crafted

Can only be used by ONE person (the intended recipient)
Acts as an AC to recipient
Unless the AC is fixed, the item will expire if the AC is broken (including if recipient dies)
Even if AC is fixed, can't be "used" by anyone else, which limits effect to constant duration personal range effects (just like HII(T))

I am leaning towards HII(T) because although it appears significantly less powerful (defined as twice as many forms, and additional range option), because it will have a simple, constant effect that is permanent and "useable" by anyone.


One more difference- Hermetic inclination requires vis, Touched by magic does not.

I just checked - HI costs fatigue, not vis, but that is a consideration.