Hermetic Integration or Mimicry of Sihr Magic

Here's the question:

If Hermetic Magic can approximate the effects of Warding and of Banishing, with different advantages or disadvantages, could it be possible to integrate Sihr into Hermetic Magic, or mimic its effect with existing magic?

The spells I think might work would be:

Reveal the Lurking Watchers (as with the Titanoi) InVi 30, must penetrate Magic Resistence

Summoning Pact of the Jinn of (Form), Ritual: T: Ind, D: Mom, R: Voice

Summons a present Jinn (or equivalent) of Might equal or less to one half of Spell Level to bargain for services, as with the Jinn Supernatural Virtue. This spell does not force the Jinn to obey, though it will not attack until a deal is either struck or found impossible, and even then, only if it feels offended. The Summoning Pact gives the magus a Summoning Advantage equal to (Casting Total - Might*2), as per the supernatural virtue.

So, if someone has Rego 20 and Ignem 15, Philosophy and Ars Liberales of 3 each, Stamina of 1, Penetration of 4 and is in an aura of 2.

He seeks to summon a Fire Jinn of Might 20, and knows a Ritual Spell of Summoning Pact of the Jinn of Fire at level 25. His Casting Total is 44+die. He rolls a 3, for 47. He easily Penetrates Magic Resistence. He has a Summoning Advantage of (47-(20 x 2)) = 7. He must use a pawn of vis per every 5 levels of spell, as normal, and may spend vis to boost his casting total, as normal.

Like most Ex Miscellania-Hermetic Comparisions, its weaker at lower levels, stronger at higher levels, especially with a Magical Focus. A Sihr with the Minor Magical Focus in Sihr could use this sort of spell to overcome the limitations of the Supernatural Ability. (Using the example above, if the character had the Focus in Sihr, he would have an advantage of 22, and be able to strike a very, very good bargain.

Does this seem reasonable? It doesn't seem to powerful to me. I'd also insist on at least Minor Mystery Virtue, more likely a Major Virtue, to formulate or use such a spell for non-Sihrs.


Hermetic magic already allows spirits such as Jinn to be summoned and bound, through Rego magic. Having played a Sahir, I can say that the supernatural ability is actually a fair potent supplement.

What I would find interesting is an equivalent to the Ars Goetia effect whereby a mage replaces his Sihr score with his Rego score for the purposes of bargaining in particular.

Thanks for the advice.

I know that there are spells to summon, trap and coerce spirits; I was looking at the more flexible Sahir model, which allows for bargaining for service.

I'm trying to develop some convincing friends and foes for a troupe, and am looking at a Sahir-equivalent who has created spells to capitalise on his Minor Focus and bargain with more powerful spirits.