Hermetic Numerolgy

I have a character that is interested in Hermetic Numerology. This allows you to cast "Rotes". These are mini spells that are basically mental exercises. Rotes require no gestures or voice components to cast.

My magus has the Necessary condition flaw that means he has to sketch out runes from his personal alphabet in the air when he casts.

Would you assume that he would need to do so for rotes?

In my view, yes.

  • Alex -

I would say yes if he learned it Hermetically, as the standard Hermetic Numerology, all your Hermetic Flaws apply.

To me the only grey area is learning a Supernatural Ability that your existing magic made more difficult to learn, I'd still be inclined to factor your flaws into such a magic.

I'd say "Yes".
Normal magic doesn't "require" gestures (though is more effective if you do), so a Flaw that you must gesture implies you must gesture even when you need not otherwise;
further - he must gesture "runes from his personal alphabet" - which is not a requirement for any normal Hermetic activity - so definitely yes for this fellow.

Consider also the related case of Necessary Condition: Speak A Riddle and Necessary Condition: Twizzle Round On The Spot.
Both would be imposed even on Rotes, as they are above and beyond any Hermetic Condition

Impeccable logic Caribet. Sketching runes it is.