hermetic prestige

I recently developed a system of hermetic prestige for my saga, an alternative to the rewards of experience points and allows magus, at long terms, to obtain recognition from his peers. At first, i submit it in french but i'm currently translate it for your enjoy, and i will link it here as soon as i finish

yo can see it at:

djinfizz.wordpress.com/2011/11/2 ... ermetique/

Yes, please, English!

Had it been in Spanish I wouldn't complain, but my French is very, very basic! :smiley:

I can't speak French, but I think I can see what's going on there and I really like it. Keep us posted on the translation.

hello, i just finish translating (sorry for possible mistakes!)
there is a second part which includes the rewards of prestige following the houses of the order, but it strongly depends on how one lives one's saga, mine is a pure fantasy saga which takes places on the schism war period

translating doc:

Voir le Fichier : hermetic_prestige.docx

Thanks for the translation. I'm going to take a better look at this over the weekend I think

You probably need more alternatives for "Condition". Unless running a highend XP game, getting any magi to Art 50 is beyond rare even for a player. So, alternate ones for that, like maybe 2 Arts to 30-35 or 4-5 Arts to 20-25...

Overall it looks like a very interesting concept.

I made up a rank system for a covenant once(hopefully this was the correct order), though i didnt do anything nearly as extensive as your prestige system:

Probate Testing for/Starting apprenticeship Initiate <5 years of apprenticeship Novice 5-10 years of apprenticeship Apprentice 10+ years of apprenticeship Journeyman Magi recently accredited magi Junior Magi (conditions from here on was very sagaspecific so are not really relevant) Adept Magi Senior Magi Elder Magi Master Magi Grandmaster Magi High Magi Archmagi Great Magi

I love this idea. Our troupe discussed Hermetic standing and prestige recently too, particularly how it would affect interaction with others within the Order. Secondary was how that might change access to other powerful people. I initially was leaning toward a system similar to the one suggested where points are accumulated, which grant levels based upon the points. It seemed a simple method.

That said I would like to see a specialization or descriptor attached to the rankings so that there is a segregation between different styles of magi. ie. a Criamon Archmage probably respects but is totally different from a Tremere or Bjornaer Archmage.

Perhaps the difference is adding house specific modifiers to the tables too, which allow for meta-reputations to be added along with House based rewards and penalties?

Sounds like it might be a good idea.

yes, and that is why I established a kind of tree development you can see on the blog, not yet translate. It's largely based on HoH's books, but might be substantially matched to your Saga (Archmagi are very very powerful, or just old and full of wisdom and knowledge?) In my saga, magi are very powerful and knwledge to reach 50 in arts exists and could be done in a magus' life!

DIREWOLF75 i agree with you, the system is perfectible and probably need alternatives conditions (that's why i submit it here) maybe an age limit?

So i will upgrade my doc with the prestige rewards by house,if you enjoy, coming soon!

the document is now available in a fully translated version
I enjoy your feelings and suggestions for improvements

Voir le Fichier : hermetic_prestige.docx

Now I adds some suggestions for the promotion exams of titles!

magus Gauntlet
Hermes House rule

magister Master
1 art to 20
1 mystical* to 5

Writing test : Invent and broadcast a spell of level 20
Oral test: com + magic theory 6+

Grand mage These
1 art to 30
1 mystical* to 9
1 Erudition to 5 and forming an apprentice

Prerequisite: 15 points of breakthrough accumulated on the study topic
Writing test 1 : Invent and broadcast a spell of level 30
Writing test 2 : write a summae level 15(art) or 5 (myst.ability) on the study topic
Oral test: Roleplayed presentation of thesis , com + magic théory at 9+ (bonus RP)

Master/ Arcane's master Ascensio
1 art to 40 or 1 mystique* to 12

Writing test 1 : A summae on the study topic of the breakthrough
Writing test 2 : Invent and broadcast a spell or rituel of level 40
Writing test 3 : a summae level 20(art) or 7(myst.ability) on the study topic
Oral test 1 : Roleplayed presentation of breaktrough, com +magic theory at 12+
Oral test 2 :1 season making conference at Durenmaar on the study topic (12 rolls com + teaching at 9+)

Archmagus/ Archmaster Consecratio
1 art to 50 or a mystical ability to 15

Prerequisite : A major breaktrough on the study topic (45 points)
Writing test 1 : A summae on the study topic of the breakthrough
Writing test 2 : Invent and broadcast a spell or rituel of level 50+
Writing test 3 : a summae level 25(art) or 10(myst.ability) on the study topic
Oral test 1 : Roleplayed presentation of breaktrough, com +magic theory at 15+
Oral test 2 :1 season making conference at Durenmaar on the study topic (12 rolls com + teaching at 9+)

How does a magus gain the title Hoplite? I see the term used in sagas but not where it links to the Order.
Or perhaps some of the other regularly used quasi-cannon terms. Is there room for rhem here?

True Lineages hints on this a bit. It says that Hoplites are given a letter of authority to act as a Hoplite. To my understanding that would come from the Tribunal authorities, Chief Hoplite and/or Praeco.

yes, and hoplites are also described in HoH: Societates, p18

Up an hi!
someone (who had use it) has some feedback about the hermetic prestige?
in my saga, magi are struggling to pass the rank magister, but they are very taken by the plot and have little time to study...

I like the whole idea.

To expand the table a little...

I did not see a prestige award for achieving arts suitable to train an apprentice (all 15 at 5).
I also didn't see any prestige awards for successfully training an apprentice, having an apprentice killed/stolen, etc.

There's also nothing regarding prestige changes based on the actions of your apprentices. I'd suggest a % of the apprentices gains/losses.

that's a good idea, teaching is absent then it's an important source of prestige for many wizards! i'll intagrate it soon in the system
great thanks kid gloves!

updated file : hermetic_prestige.docx