Hermetic projects Intangible assassin items

I've thought about the Intangible assassin in Hermetic projects:

If the intangible Tunnel is produced by an item, the item is the caster. That means the target can only target the item even if tunnel is seen. The item can also take care of the tattack that follows in round 2 (using the 2 for 1 penetration).
Ideally the magus activating the item does it out of doors (to be immune to room etc spells) and while he is invisible, using a sound to activate the item.

Or simply hands it to a grog :slight_smile:

I remember that 4th edition Mysteries had an effect, accessible through one of the Astrology Mysteries, that allowed a magus to designate other characters as "mystical stand-ins" -- so that Arcane Connection and similar effects would hit the stand-ins instead of the magus. Anything like that in 5th edition?

I'd say that with the basics and one very good Intellego, Rego and Muto Vim Lab totals you could, i see one posibility with Tethered spells and magic, and Mutantes, only with spells.

RegoVim effect?