Hermetic Research into Harmless Magic

The flaw Harmless magic the one that makes Perdo spells non-permanent has come up a couple of times recently. First in a thread I started because I thought all duration Perdo Magic still worked that way (I was wrong). So if you have the flaw something destroyed through Perdo pops back at the end of the spell. It is a flaw because it limits your magic theoretically but even the flaw description mentions that there are numerous clever uses for this effect.

However since it is a useful magical effect that some magician can accomplish but most hermetic magician can't pull off it seem like just the place to perform some hermetic research.

You could work towards a major breakthrough that incorporates the flaw into hermetic magic instead of incorporating a virtue. Ideally the end result would be giving spell designers a choice when they make the spell of how the effect works. Whether you get destruction for only the duration or destruction throughout the duration.