Hermetic Rune Magic questions

I have a few questions about Hermetic Rune Magic:

  • Focus: Major Focus in Rune Magic is valid or too much broad?

  • How to work with diferent targets? Example, I want create a rune to affect a building (Muto Terram to make a building unbreakeable by mundane ways, similar to Hardness of Adamantine), is the same spell leve to turn a rock unbreakeable? My idea its ignore Inscription Target and use normal Target rules, all things becomes more simple.

  • Original research: How the level to reduce the Hermetic Rune Magic powerful warping drawback to normal hermetic magic level? I think is a minor because its just "adjust" the Rune Magic better to Hermetic Magic.

  • Creating Magic Items: theoricaly, its possible create semi-permanent "magical items" using rune magic directly in a target, but how this works when enchanting magic items? How described in Ancient Magic, I don't see any advantage using this method, except, using a trigger to activate\desactivate the runes.

I would say a Major Focus is just fine. Especially given that you actually have to take the time to do the Runes, and how "creative" people are with other major foci that have no such restriction.

I think Target : Inscription is on top of the normal target rules.

I think that would be difficult, because the "powerful warping" balances the "no Vis" effect of Runic Magic. Getting rid of the one without the other is probably going to be real hard, if not impossible. (Serf's Parma, isn't "No permanent effects without Vis" a Limit Of Magic?)

Runic Magic magic items are very good for creating permanent effects without Vis. Rings of Healing, Tableclothes of Feasting, portable towers, the list goes one.

Hum... I must use "size modifier" to affect a large target?

Using the normal rules to Rune Magic I can ignore Magic Resistance, like using very-sharped sword, creating intense fire, and other effects. In Hedge Magic, in the Vitkir description, the rune magic warping is normal, not "powerful".
What you think about a original research to reduce the warping to normal level spending a pawn of vis?

Reading the book, the enchanting process to enchanting runes is normal (including spending vis). Another question is: "They can then make further modifications to the effect." What it means?

I know I would allow the 'powerful effect warping gone for vis' as a Minor Breakthrough in my games, at least in regard for Hermetic Rune Magic.
On the other hand, I think your mistaken about the whole 'ignoring Magic Resistance'. Even when enchanted items are used for their mundane purpose, they are subject to Magic Resistance, at least by RAW. I honestly don't know how I would deal with the 'pink dot' problem, but I wouldn't give rune magic such a huge advantage.

I think Saxonous was saying that you can use Runic Magic to create permanent effect magic items without using the enchanting rules. Target: Inscription can be very versatile.

Shadowninja isn't mistaken. This is actually one of the three major advantages of Rune Magic (the other two being the duration of inscription magic, and creating permanent things without vis). Runes make changes that become normal and natural for an item - the effects they produce aren't necessarily "magic" as far as magic resistance is concerned. It's explicitly spelled out on pg. 139 of Ancient Magic, even including an example that a CrIg spell wouldn't need to penetrate magic resistance.

Rune magic is very, very strong. Not without drawbacks: it easily identifies you, makes lots of arcane connections to you, gives your enemies free intangible tunnels, and all rune/inscription spells warp their targets no matter the magnitude of the spell. But very strong regardless.

huh. Missed that. Will reread.

As to "Permanent effects", understand that Hermetic magic items cannot create permanent effects without Vis, and Hermetic Rune Magic items can. For example, while you can make an Hermetic magic item to speed healing, you can't make one that will heal wounds (unless you spend Vis put into the item for that use). A Hermetic Rune Magic item can heal wounds without Vis. Just put the ring on and, boom, healed! (With the caveat that you have to keep the ring on, and eat warping, until you "would have healed the wound"). You cannot use a Hermetic magic item to make food without spending Vis, just stuff that looks like food. With a Hermetic Runic Magic item, you could make a tablecloth that creates a feast of real food every time it is unrolled. Heck, have the meal catered by the best chef in Europe, and it's creating +3 quality food! Every time. And it's the tablecloth that's getting warped, not the food. Runic Magic adds vast possibilities to creating magic items, using the enchantment rules......

As to "what it mean", it means that you can use the Hermetic Magic Item rules to modify the effect created by Runic Magic. See the previous example. You can create a tablecloth that creates a real feast (Runic Magic). However, eating the same feast every day just might get dull. So you use Hermetic Magic to change the feast as desired (ReIn + MuIm, or any of a dozen different effects). I don't believe, in canon, that's something Runic Magic can do.

Hum... Then I can create Devices: Spend Vis to "open" the Device to enchantments (1 season) and invest the Rune Magic effect in the Device (determine the level of effect) plus Magic Item modifications (Trigger, times per day, restriction of users and others), this spend time (1 or more seasons, by normal rules), but no vis, correct? This is still spending "Vis slots" in the Device?

If I understand your question, no. You have to spend Vis for every effect, Runic and otherwise, in the item. But, a Runic Item can do things that normally require Vis, for free, once built. Again, core example, Hermetic Magic Items cannot "heal", unless Vis is spent at the time of use, and that Vis is separate from the Vis used to construct the item. Runic Magic Hermetic Items can.