Hermetic Space Magic

I love the Hermetic magic system quite a lot, the nature of conducting magic by combining two Arts together and then crafting spells through the use of guidelines and magnitudes is really nifty and awesome.

This said the one element of Hermetic magic that I find myself somewhat missing is that of well space magic. My question is two fold. The first is am I missing any interesting ways to twist what currently exists to allow for the concepts of space magic. And the second is that if not, does anybody have any ideas on how to implement it as maybe an additional Hermetic Art or something.

I know that this might be something that all people like the suggestion of, but its one of the few areas that I really would love to add it to the game. The other is basically fate/luck magic, though I could always just take the guidelines form Fortunam and bring it into the standard Hermetic Arts. Actually, if I found both a space and a fate art then the number would be 12, which is still a nicely balanced number. hehe

Anyway, I would love to hear any thoughts and suggestions on this topic.


Checking Art and Academe, teleporting something is within the capabilities of Rego (such as Leap of Homecoming), but may require a Breakthrough to get the guidelines you want.

Exotic World of Darkness stunts involving co-locating a hundred arrows and shooting them all at one point are probably out of theme.

Well, having teleportation already be present is a nice aspect that I approve of. Movement magics is a useful thing to have and I am glad that its available.

When I think of space magic I think of basically making something bigger on the inside, whether its something like a bag of holding or a chest that leads to a room or something like a city street basically becoming a mini city all on its own. I wouldn't be against such things being somewhat difficult, I just think it would be nifty to have.

And I understand that Faereie gossamer can do this, but I would prefer finding a way to make it Hermetic magic.

Sounds like a bit of work integrating a form of Hermetic Architecture is needed. What you're trying to do is create a portable regio, in a sense.

This comes up every once in a while. The 4 standard responces are:

  • Glamour (Merinita/Faerie Mystery, HoH: MC, p. 101-102)
  • Portable Regio (Not currently hermeticall possibly, though perhaps look at Hermetic Architecture in TMRE, or the Aura manipulations in RoP: M)
  • Not really what happens, it's actually a transportation effect.
  • Not really what happens, it's actually a Muto effect turning everyone and everything tiny while inside.