Hermetic Theurgy, Invocation Spells, Rituals

I was reading the hermetic theurgy rules and realized I couldn't find rules about Invocation spells which permitted invocating spirits with ritual spell effects. There are many spells that are deemed ritual magic not because of their magnitude, but because or other things like healing.

If you summon a spirit of Gentle Touch of the Purified Body (Creo Corpus 20 ritual)... since the spirit casts the effect as a magical power rather than as a spell... does it require the same vis requirement the ritual does? Does the spirit expend might points to cast it?

For game balance, I would say it would have to.

You're refering to Invoke the Spirit of (spell) correct?

They can only cast the equivalent on non-Ritual spells (p. 79, first column, last bit).

Easy, you don't.
Much as I'd have loved to, spells spirits only copy non-rituals.