Hermetic Timeline

Once again, I call upon the spirits of the dead to raise a thread!

May I also please have a copy of this timeline? Thank you for your time.

I've found the original file but I don't see a way to send it to you through the board. If you'd pm me your email I'll send you the file as an attachment.

Wow, that original thread is old.
Threadomancy like this must have been a Ritual


Absolutely. Thankfully I kept the lab text from last time.

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I would also very much like a copy of the timeline, Erik, if you don't mind. I'll PM you my email, if you confirm me that you're ok with that.

I am ok with that

Now that we're finished with the run of fifth edition and all of the books are in pdf it should be pretty easy for us to construct a pretty extensive fifth edition time line. Is there any interest in that?

There definitely is. At least as far as I'm concerned.

Count me in to help in any way I can. Maybe we could scour some of the books each to look for additional dates to include.

What books are in that one, already?

I've started updating it a few times, but always run out of steam.

That timeline includes 2nd-4th Edition entirely, as I recall.

I don't think that's required to update for 5th. The Tribunal books, the HoH books, possibly some of the adventure material. Part of a problem is that 5th ejected pre-5 canon, so the old material needs to be checked for constancy with the new material.

If possible, can you send it at sithmailbox-arsforum(at)yahoo(dot)fr

Thank you.

Maybe the easiest way would be to create a small web app where we can insert and update the entries.

That way we could have entries in the timeline, each one with a date, a reference (the book) and an edition (implicit from the reference).

I could set that up this weekend, if there's interest in it. I could even pre-populate it with the data already in there.

While I think that setting it up would be great, I'm not as happy with populating it with information from the existing sheet of pre-fifth edition sources. If we have a field, like you suggested, for [fifth edition/ pre-fifth edition/ real history] so once we've collected all of the information we'll be able to use that field to sort it in whatever application we move the data to, it would be great. I'd like the option of filtering out the old stuff.

Project Redcap should be able to help with this somehow, I'd think?

PM me with an email address and I will send the original in RTF.

My idea would be to populate it with the pre-5th material already flagged as old, so that people can make it disappear if they don't want to see it. That way, we keep all the info from the older canon, and your work does not go to waste, but at the same time we also start with a clean slate.

Probably, though I rather think that this could help Project Redcap, rather than the other way around. Meaning that the information could be exported into Project Redcap as it's being filled up. That way, the work we put into it will not go to waste when/if we stop using it. It would still be available over at Project Redcap.

Even better. Let's make it happen then :slight_smile:

Item: The most current version of the Hermetic Timeline (that I have, anyway) was partly updated with 5th Edition material by Angus MacDonald.

I happened to need the timeline for plotting, and notice that some updating of names will be required; there's no Doissitep in 5th Edition, for example.

I'll try to have a mockup webapp ready this weekend. I'll keep you up to date as soon as it's at least partially usable.

Could it be transcribed using a shared Google spreadsheet? Saves building an app and is readily reusable