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Is there a canoncial house for Meadhbh, the ex leader of Praesis, who is currently hiding in Qui Sonant? In fact any more info than that given in the Praesis chapter would be great.


This isn't necessarily canonical as I don't think her House is mentioned in the final publication, however...

The first draft of Praesis had the siege still underway. I can't remember why that was changed - could have been playtest feedback or just the natural development of the book as a whole. The main Praesis magi then included Meadhbh, who was stated of being "of the Younger House".

So, not canon, but take it any way you want.

There were also a few notes on how the covenant sustained itself during the siege, with powerful spells to repair damage to the tower, to conjure grogs, etc. But here's the very first version of the content on Meadhbh.

Meadhbh of the Younger House

Age: 90 (Apparent Age: 73)

Personality Traits: Resolute +3, Proud +2, Regal +1

Meadhbh is the strength at the heart of Praesis and has been responsible for holding the covenant together under the mounting siege. She has been prepared to shoulder the burden of command and take responsibility for the hard decisions. She sent the grogs away, she rations food and vis alike, and she has the final say on study and laboratory work.

Meadhbh's power is more aligned to faerie than it is to magic and she has been drawing upon alliances with the Tuatha De to see her through the siege to this point. Those alliances have now been stretched to breaking point and strong diplomacy is required to renew those bonds. But Meadhbh has managed to sustain the covenant defenses and keep her covenant safe despite the withdrawal of the Tuatha De. Her enemies claim that her newfound power comes from Infernal collusion; how else could a covenant hold the siege at bay?

The Coill Tri took this closeness to the Tuatha De as a slight. She claimed they had neither the power nor the reach to be of any use to her and she began to treat their elders as nuisances and distractions.

Unknown to her, Colgan cultas Bhéarditiase heard her weeping behind her closed doors in a rare moment of weakness.

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