Hibernian Tribunal

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was wondering if there are any plans to have a tribunal book covering Ireland at any point? I would imagine that it would be a popular choice for sagas based on the clash of cultures (English, Celtic/Irish, Scandinavian) and Celtic lore at that time. There are, of course a few other tribunals that haven't yet gotten the full treatment, and any of those would be welcome editions as well, but the idea of an Irish game has a lot of appeal to me, as I imagine it would for others as well.

I'd love to see a hibernia tribunal book as well.

I could point out that the first adventure in Tales of Mythic Europe is set in Ulster, and while it doesn't cover any of the Hermetic aspects of Mythic Ireland, it does touch on the clash of cultures you've mentioned.

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Well, in a sense the Hibernian Tribunal was one of the very first to get a reasonably detailed treatment, as all of its covenants were briefly described in Lion Rampant's The Order of Hermes , all those years ago. Don't know how canonical or easy to access the details still are, though.