Hibernian Tribunal

Since the release of TSE, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how the remaining three Tribunals (Transylvania, Hibernia and Provencal) will be presented when/if their respective books are published. Since tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, this seems like as good a time as any to ask how other troupes have characterized the Hibernian Tribunal in own past campaigns.

Personally, I’ve always envisioned Hibernia as resembling a patchwork of powerful, but conflicting supernatural auras, making the tribunal an unpopular site for hermetic settlement.

PS. If anyone wants to talk about what they’ve done with the Transylvania or Provencal tribunals, I’m very eager to hear about those too!

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Well the Hibernian Tribunal got a 2 page summary back in Order of Hermes (1st/2nd Ed? It had a covenant of Tremere vampires still if I recall).

The other nice thing is that it has Ashenrise which hate and feud with the pre-eminient Stongehenge covenant of Blackthorn.

Provencal can be kinda pieced together across 1st to 4th Ed books - Mistridge, Trianmore, Val Negra etc.


Isn't St. Patrick's Day the 17th?

Ireland is characterized as having a strong faerie presence and I'm sure that will play a large part in the book. There's also plenty of wonderful politics going on, some of which was touched upon in Tales of Mythic Europe.

I'm looking forward to this :slight_smile:

:blush: :frowning: you're right, of course. I'm attending a St. Patrick's themed Folk Music Festival today and got the date confused with that of the actual holiday. Fortunately, my mistake doesn't invalidate the entire thread - we'll just put more emphasis on Transylvania and Provencal!

From an old (2nd/3rd edition) ars saga in Hibernea: Link.

The players were warned that most of the island was going to be knee-deep in faeries, so they need to gring iron-soled boots to kick their way through.
None of them ever did though.

There were several covenants, marked on the map.

Also, since we now know that the magi of Thebes Tribunal use greek among themselves, I propose that the Hibernean magi write their stuff in Ogham!

also: pictures - espcially the "large picture" links

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