High Mountain ranges in the Rhine

I'm looking to place a site in the Rhine tribunal that won't be too close to established covenants in the Guardians of the Forest book. So far the listed ranges seem to be near some. Doing a google search I'm not turning up anything I can tell would fit. Do the Alps in Bavaria border the Rhine tribunal? I could use those but at this point I didn't want the characters to have to travel too far into a neighboring tribunal. Any suggestions?

The Bavarian Alps are in the Tribunal of the Greater Alps. The Harz is controlled by Fengheld. The Bohemian Forest by Irencilia. And the Western Carpathians by Rosnov. So the big mountain ranges are already divvied up.

What about the Thuringian Forest, or the Eifel?


The Eifel may work and specificall the High Eifel.

I've put a small covenant here:


It's a fair distance from both Irencillia and Roznov and just within the borders of the Rhine Tribunal, I believe.

Looks like a nice place.

Or you could decide that in your Saga the Bavarian Alps are not part of the Greater Alps tribunal. Adds new story seeds, with inter-tribunal conflict (GA wanting to assert hegemony over "all of the alps", and Rhine wanting to keep the foothold/stronghold against GA).

Maybe Harz mountain ?


There are cases of covenants attending Tribunals (by which I mean ("being members of") they are remote from. Consider Gigas and Evredika: Gigas is in Thebes Tribunal but north of Evredika, which is in Transylvania.

Tribunals are roughly geographical, not sharply geographical. Borders are very loose. There's no reason a covenant could not establish in the Bavarian alps, say close to Salzburg, and attend Rhine Tribunal.

I have also put a player covenant in these Mountains. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krkono%C5%A1e) I followed the name (Giant Mountains) and put tribes of giants here. It is roughly 200km from Roznov and you can play border politics with Novgorod tribunal. All in all a good place to have a player covenant if you are looking for Mountains.

I have a proposal:

Take the "Elbsandsteingebirge"! Its highest peak measures only 561 meters, but nevertheless it is very steep and craggy (freeclimbers paradise). Look out for "Felsenburg Neurathen": a castle in the middle of the rocks, almost 400 meters, but this site for a castle is crazy, the view breathtaking and the "Bastei" is an epic look (when I see it, I always think at Moria). Founded ca. 1245 AD, not too far away from the official starting date.

Irencillia is perhaps 120 miles away, Fengheld ca. 150 miles.

I'd recommend the Siebengebirge or Seven Mountains.

We just startet in the area as well. Its not really high, but you dont get that many high mountains in germany/rhine tribunal.
Cologne, one of the bigger cities at that time, is nearby (only some days travel), some villages or smaller towns are also around.
Its right next to the Rhine, the other covenants are several hundred miles away.