HoH:MC Criamon oddity

Well, not that Criamon aren't odd in general, but there's something specific. Up to now I haven't done much with Criamon (nor Bjornaer), but more recently I've become fonder of those houses and have been reading more carefully. I noticed that with The Path of the Body one of the first Ordeals gives you the Flaw Disfigured (by Stigmata). This made a lot of sense because other things said Criamon don't receive their Stigmata immediately, only receiving them after probing more deeply into the Enigma. So I figured the other paths would have a similar Disfigured Flaw show up in the first or second step. I continue on to The Path of Seeming, and it has the same thing in the first Initiation. It does show up on the Path of Strife, but not until very far along - a little odd that it comes so late, but it's still there. But The Path of Walking Backwards does not have this Flaw at all. Does that mean magi on The Path of Walking Backwards never develop Stigmata?


Oh, sure, their're just not disfiguring. The difference between a tasteful tattoo of a butterfly on your shoulder, easily covered by a shirt, and swastikas on your face.....

Remember, also that the Stigmata in question can sometimes reveal things. Someone with the flaw is going to be more likely to be showing something that implies he knows your Dark Secret.

Alternatively, as it's the Path of Walking Backwards, perhaps the stigmata appear at the end?


I really don't see how this fits with the descriptions at all. First, there's the described medieval view of tattoos. Second, let's look at where they occur and how that's tied to the paths. Those on the Path of the Body get the Flaw at the first Initiation, and their Stigmata first appear on their backs and don't reach the face and the hands soon and perhaps not at all. Those on the Path of Seeming also get the Flaw at the first Initiation, but their Stigmata first appear on their faces. Those on the Path of Strife get their Flaw much later on, but their Stigmata start on their hands and do move toward their face. Thus there seems to be no correlation between visibility of the Stigmata and the timing of the Flaw. Thus for both reasons it is strongly implied that the Flaw is not based on the difference between the Stigmata being disfiguring or not.

But those on the Path of Walking Backwards are definitely described as having Stigmata. Yet they do not acquire this flaw, even though their Stigmata eventually move up the throat. This seems like it's definitely inconsistent with the other paths.


Yes, but the Criamon Stigmata are quite mystic in canon. I would say those with the flaw disturb people, in an eldritch sense, while those lacking the flaw do not.

Another thing to remember is that a lot of players like to start their Criamon off with disfigured. Then either the ST or the character themselves would have to come up with new ordeals that provide a new flaw.