HOH: Mystery Cults - soft cover?!?

Just ordered my copy of HOH:MC from the website of my F not so LGS here in the UK and to my surprise they are reporting that the book is soft cover bound.

This is not really a problem as I am more interested in the contents than the type of binding, but having read the HOH:MC threads here and on the Berklist, I can't recall anyone mentioning this and on the product list on the Atlas site its reporting the book as case-bound (which I assumed meant hard cover), have I missed something? Incidently the gaming store site also reports the reprint of HOH:TL as soft cover.

Anyway my questions are: is HOH:MC softbound or is this an error on the game store site? If it is soft bound, how is RoP: the Infernal going to be bound and why the change in policy from Atlas (As I recall back in 4e days it was announced that pretty much all new ArM books would be hardbound)? Thanks in advance for any info people can give.

MC is hard bound

Thanks Erik, although it would not have been a problem, I would have been disappointed.