HoH:S question on Sahirs

on p.137 in HoH:S, it says that hermetic sahirs usually excel at elemental magic because of their ability to learn from the jinn they summon. Where are the rules on how to treat the Jinn as a source of learning? Do they have a source quality analagous to their Might in the element they are associated with? Or is there some other mechanic?

If it is in HoH:S I would appreciate a page number as my poor addled brain has been scouring but I can not find it.

Any help appreciated and Thank you

I can't give you an exact page number, but it is the last paragraph of the description of the Sihr Ability, right after the bargaining.

It then goes on to give a Source Quality, equal to 3 x the magnitude of the jinni's Might.

I am obviously blind, there it is, thank you!