Holy Magic and Wonders Power

Hello everyone! I couldn't find this information anywhere so I decided to ask.

Holy magic says that you can use your Holy Powers as guidelines for Hernetic spells and the Story guide should assign a form and a technique to them.
It all sound good until you look at the Wonders Power.

Some of those guidelines give you the ability to create A storm or fire with the same spell. (Or a rock, a dead animal body or a wooden stick)

So what do you guys think is the best Form + Technique combination to express those divine guidelines?
Or the guy that wrote that part of the manual didn't think about the interaction with the Holy Magic Virtue?

Thank you all and have a great day!

There's an example that does this, but it's not a hermetic spell and it's unpredictable. If you were making a hermetic spell using the Wonders guidelines, you'd have to choose. Otherwise, just pile on the requisites to a spell so that it could do all of the above at random, so the spell could be any Form at its base with all the other elements as requisites.

The spell would be Creo + Rego requisite + Ignem, Auram, Aquam and Terram, how would you calculate the lab total required to learn it?

based on the level in wonders, but only usable by holy magi.

Yes but how does it translates to Hernetic form and technique?

form=(depends on exact effect)
level=same level as wonders guideline

The rules say that you should use it as a guideline.
In my interpretation this means that you have to chose a form and technique that can express all of those effects without dividing it in parts.
If you chose the form accordingly to the effect you make then it's not a guideline anymore.
Also there are already Hernetic guidelines that let you do single parts of the effect, and do it better. (Making the virtue pointless)

My English is not that good so if I didn't express myself in a way that could be understood let me know :slight_smile:

So let's say you're making a spell to create and control a natural phenomena. Since the creation of it will always be primary, it's a Creo spell. But adding control is a big deal, so that's a Rego requisite which will add +1 Magnitude because it's a "additional effect". But let's assume that it's part of the level 15 Wonders guideline and that lets us ignore that additional magnitude, but remember that it's still a requisite for inventing and casting.

Now the spell could be of any natural phenomena at random, so CHOOSE ONE elemental Form as your base - for this example we'll choose Auram. Now add requisites for Terram, Aquam and Ignem. These don't add magnitudes, as they don't really add to the spell other than to make the effect a random element, which is seldom helpful, and the spell will ALWAYS be resisted by Auram Resistance because it's an Auram spell at it's heart (this is why you might choose a specific Form over others, perhaps your Penetration specialization is in Auram).

When you cast the spell, apply all requisites as normal, so you'd cast with the lowest of your Cr/Re, and the lowest of your Aq/Au/Ig/Te. The exact same thing applies when inventing it in the lab - use the lowest applicable technique and form, but if your lab (or talisman) has (in this example), a bonus to Creo or Auram, they would apply as it's a CrAu at its heart.

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I wonder why the guy that wrote that part said: "fuck it, let's have the master decide without any kind of guidance" instead of stating clearly how to translate them.

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