"Home Brew" ex Misc Traditions on Redcap

One of the things that I've always found a little bit daunting about making a member of House ex Miscellanea is that you're practically creating a new House with every character. There are a few (16, currently) traditions listed on the House page on Project Redcap.

My question is: is it appropriate (or allowed) to add player- or SG-created Traditions to the wiki, to give people who wish to play ex Misc but are stumped for just what Tradition to use more options?

And if so, can we go ahead and add them (with links on the House page), or should they be vetted here first?

I have a couple that I would like to add, if that is allowed. One I made as a Player, and one as a SG.

YES. It's always appropriate and allowed to add to the wiki :slight_smile: Please [i]do[/o] add your content to the wiki [I think you already did?] - and that applies to anyone else too.

Fan-created content should be clearly described as such, as is the case for the two new Ex Misc traditions you apparently added already. But even if you're not sure about how to do that, add the fan-created stuff anyway; at most, the editors of the wiki (e.g. me) will edit it a bit to make sure it's clear that it's fan-made.


Here are links to the new traditions:

Daughters of Circe: redcap.org/page/Daughters_of_Circe
Gaothcoisiche: redcap.org/page/Gaothcoisiche

and the Ex Misc page from which they are linked, so you can see the context:


Making this sort of thing possible is the whole reason Pitt, Yair, and I spent weeks of our free time converting Project: Redcap into a Wiki, so by all means, post your creative ideas there!

Thanks, Peregrine Bjornaer!

Given the invitation I've thrown my two cents in with the Beautiful Triad.

I may well write up more details of the mystery cult that the tradition involves soon.

Here is one I made for a different type of beastmaster

Threado-mancy but i have a doubt...

Which Majore Virtue will combine better with the Fast casting Minor Hermetic Virtue? I was thinking on Rigid Magic (they are good with quick magic) or maybe Weak Spontaneus Magic (They change their Spontaneus with fastcasting their formulaic spells) like Major Hermetic Flaw. The concept is than they are quick and fast magicians, so maybe one thing related to wind or maybe one mount, or maybe one ability to suply their other flaw (Fertility Control supress their need for Ritual Magic).

And just one brain attack; Descendants from Druids or other Tradition related to the life, Major Hermetic Flaw Rigid Magic, Major Virtue Fertility Control, Minor Hermetic Enduring Magic.