Hotel Transylvania in ars magica?

I know that hotel Transylvania (until the 20th century at least) had a strict non-human policy, but would wizards qualify as human for purposes of checking in? Furthermore would wizards even be able to help build the hotel in the first place?
And would the hotel even FIT into the ars magica rpg period?

in terms of the story from teh film the hotel wasn't a hotel until at the earliest sometime in the 19th century, considering it was founded after VanHelsing killed Dracula's wife, and VanHelsing (in the series) is still more or less alive in the modern day.
Aside from that it seems like it could easily be a faerie castle occupied by a fairly powerful faerie taking the role of a vampire. Hotels weren't much of a thing in the 13th century, and crossover stories about monsters even less so, but the location could certainly be there in it's pre-hotel days, or if your game is given to great anachronisms. That being said I believe wizards would still be forbidden so long as they were human.

Especially those wizards who might hunt monsters for vis.