House Rules

What house rules do you tend to employ?

(I know Queex has a whole load of house rules both in and out of his excellent supplement)

One of the ones I tend to do comes from the fact that most of the time I only get to run the game with 1-3 players (yeah, Feng Shui can work 1 on 1...).

Basically I add between +1-+3 for really good stunt descriptions (with +3 being a gigantic rarity).

Mainly this is to encourage really good descriptions from players and to get them involved, especially if they've never played anything like Feng Shui before - the other reason is when I do play one on one it allows my one player to be able to take on near as many mooks as I'd throw at three people.

So yeah, what do you employ and why?

Not that much really

I clarified the very grey passive/active doge/parry rule combo into a normal passive defense / active defense (as a defensive action), the characters can raise non chi attributes with an attuned site and I dodged the clunky sorcery combination rules. Some other minor adjustments, but nothing really special. For FS I prefer a rule light way of playing/mastering, for that the power of creative fantasy may run wild on a roaring rampage of revenge. :wink:

Currently I am experimenting with some mook rules for mass combat / easier mass mook handling, but until now I did not find any really satisfying.


I've also recently taken to reversing the Wound Point impairment. It changes the dynamic quite a bit, but not necessarily in a bad way.

Which way you do you mean by reversing? Ascending/Decending penalty points or getting stronger with more damage taken?

+1 AV at 25 WP, +2 AV at 30 WP. The question hasn't come up yet, but I guess only for combat skills.

I would suggest for adrenaline skills: combat skills, but even social skills in high stake situations or or tech skills like hacking with fix it under pressure.

Female: "Hey, 5 sec until the a-bomb goes off, you didnĀ“t even scratched the firewall and you are bleeding to death"
Male: "Yeah I know I look totally hot ... now put on the little black nothing ..."
rolling fix-it and seduction

I was wondering if there's any official rule for extra damage from called shots for named characters and where it is, or if someone's got some good house rule for it. -1 - -3 AV for example as a stunt that if hits as a called shot doing +1 - +3 to your outcome or something (maybe that's not worth it I don't know...).

It it's a cool stunt, including a called shot, I take the opinion that it would be a shame to waste it. If the roll hits, I let the result stand as normal. If it misses, I consider coming up with an off-the-cuff reason to reduce the target's dodge by just enough to turn it into a hit with an Outcome of 0 or 1. This stops cool descriptions from being wasted without worrying about throwing off the balance or having players try too hard to come up with bonus-worthy stunts.