How do you run in Normandy

I'm about to start a Normandy saga (characters and covenant still being designed) and was wondering how other's have handled the particulars.

Knowing how prizes are chosen by ranks at the tourney, does this mean that Storyguides have generated a listing of the whole tribunal library, the whole listing of tribunal devices, and the whole listing of Tropaeum, so that the pc covenant can choose from the list? If so, about how much Tropaea vis is around in the tribunal?

There were parts of L&L that seemed to indicate that vis obtained outside the tribunal (say through trade) are still subject to the compact. How exactly does that work? I've got at least to vis-hog Verditii in the covenant so this will be important.

Has anybody made a Liege / Vassal chart for the tribunal?

Anybody got a good map of the tribunal I can use. Were there pdf copies of the L&L map around anywhere?

We discussed some of those questions in this thread:
Check it out.

My personal experience, and I took a long time fiddling with it:
I made a short list of 4 magical items, I made a list of books that was little more than those mentioned in L&L, I made a short list of stored vis prizes, and I made a long, whole list of tropaea. Each was defined by: amount, art and region. After the PCs had made their choices, I designed the other details of their tropaea.

With 24 tourney teams including 18 Normandy covenants, I chose to distribute around 220 prize tokens. I had around 40 pawns of stored vis, 150 pawns/year worth of tropaea, plus the L&L books and a couple of moderate/minor magical items.

Liege/Vassal charts are not complicated. Only the Tytali have more than one "tier" of vassals:
Fudarus - Exspectatio
Exspectatio - Atramentum Renatis

Confluensis - Dragon's Rest & Cunfin & 1 unnamed
Florum - Spider's Palace & Requies Eternae
Oleron - Nidi
Montverte - Atsingani
Independent: Eboris, Lapis Crudus (was formerly liege to at least 1 vassal)

I don't believe the Normandy map was made legally available as a PDF, unlike the Rhine map.

Thanks Siglorel.

Regarding maps... anybody have a decent map of France, even if it isn't the Atlas map?