How do you track Confidence?

Scribbling it down of paper is not quite doing it for me, as we change sheets fairly regular.

I'm using Vis cards. I'm wondering what sort of stuff might be done to track Confidence. Current thought is maybe those thin card Life Counters for Magic the Gathering if I could find some cool one. Slip those into the character binders and voila.

Do other folks just write it down?

I clip paper clips to the character sheets, one for each Point.

Bright coloured plastic coated ones, or just plain old metal ones?

We probably dont make enough use of confidence I suspect something like this might be a good idea to get the points used more in game -

We just write it down, like vis points, fatigue levels and so on.

We have a house-rule for Confidence: each PC starts with their respective allotment of Conf Points (0, 3, or 5) at each beginning of a story. Any Conf Points not expended during the previous story are ignored, so you always start with those "standard" Conf Points. Less bookkeeping. I guess we then just remember how many points are left, usually a story just covers 1-2 sessions.

When I SG, it's the players responsibility.

When I play, I take Low Self-Esteem...

Bright-colored plastic coated ones, yes. :slight_smile: When I'm really on the ball, I use color-coded ones: yellow for Confidence Points; white for Faith Points, blue for long-term Fatigue; and purple, red, and black for Light, Medium, and Heavy Wounds. Green ones mean something special, like a spell effect with a long duration or a disease or something like that. Just helps us remember what was going on last session.

hehe, seems like you have your own magical tradition going on right there!

Poker chips for confidence and vis. I keep the bags at my place.

Counters for vis. We use small pebbles, branches and randomm stuff for vis, in order to mark that it is in a multiplicity of formats. Since IMS we only use one type of vis (no tech & form specific vis for us) that is not a problem. We have a silver dollar that I got in Vietnam that is ourt counter for a rook of vis. It is a boulder that weights 10 pounds (4 kg)

Nothing for confidence, fatigue or wounds. We just write it down. This used to be a mess, with the character sheets ending really dirty due to a constant writing an erasing, but since the age of computers this is not much of a problem anymore: when the sheet is dirty, just print it again :slight_smile:

I liked the colored paper clip idea, though. :slight_smile: Cool one there. Let's see if we can implement it....


I made binders for all of the characters. I've decided to go with dual Magic the Gathering Life counters. About the size of a credit card, and can tuck into the binder's loose paper pocket.

Since there's two dials the left hand one can be for mages, the right hand one for companions.

Looks like it will work.