How long to cast a spell.

Don't listen to them! They offered to improve my Memory Palace and now I'm reduced to offering guided tours three times a day to foreign tourists.

And they claim it only counts as a minor Ordeal. grumble

LoL. Foreigners are the worst.

I see your avatar evokes your Mystery Cult Theater 1200 roots. Very nice.

Ok. Whats his Magic Might, and how many Pawns does he have in him...???

Whopsidaisy... Are you the tour guide that *accidentally" stumbled into my palace yesterday with a large group of Criamon? :open_mouth:

Because someone has rearranged everything - and I do mean EVERYTHING - in here into some wierd similacrum of randomness. Which of course signifies that I can't find anything, (least of all the mnemonics to operate my dishwasher) :smiling_imp:

Yeah, sorry. :blush: They thought they were props for use in their psychodrama. Just a word of warning, I got Flambeaus next week.

Try this spell:

Perdo 'Bot-em Level 1:

Aufero mihi , commodo