How many shot counters?

Question - when you play your games do you use one shot counter for all the players & GMCs, one shot counter for all the players & one for all the GMCs, or each player gets a shot counter & the GM gets one for all his GMCs?


From the FS2 rulebook - page 102

"The Shot Counter: The shot counter is a terrific aid for tracking the action sequence in your Feng Shui 2 game. Both heroes and their opposition track simply put their tokens on their starting shot from the Initiative check (see page 100), then count down the shot cost of their actions."

So I may have answered my own question but I am still curious what other GMs out there do. Is the shot counter placed in the middle of your table, almost in lieu of a map or grid, so that you & all the players can see when everyone goes? Do you as a GM have another seercet shot counter behind your screen that moves along with the main pne but has secret info on it for secret timed effects & actions?


We use one shot counter, with tokens for all the characters on it, both heroes and GMCs.

During Feng Shui 1 games, we use to have each person track the shot of their own character(s) on a pad of paper, and it was a bit messy, with people missing their shots regularly.

My attempts at using a Single Shot Counter for everyone in FS2 has proven less troublesome.

In FS 1, I tracked it myself and let the players quiz me as to how many shots they had left. It was useful for players less used to RPGs, as they didn't have to worry about making a mistake and the details they didn't much have to bother about were tucked away.

The physical tracker in FS 2 will probably get heavy use, as it avoid me having to track everything and it's a sweet, chunky reusable piece of kit that everyone can see.

Hi there,

One shot counter for us. We use these tokens at the moment

What we found though, is that a cheap whiteboard marker allows you to write letters (or small words) on these beasts so you can customize them to a scene, you can also stack the same color as groups of mooks (tend to go red from some reason), afterwards just wipe them clean. :smiley:

Adds a minute or so to the setup of a fight scene but gives everyone a quick reference to shot order.