How to determine who gets the magic sword?

So the PCs have come up with a very powerful sword, which many of them want and was thrown into Faerie so that retrieving it was a quest.

Ok, they split in three groups and each group managed to find the sword and defeat the obstacles in the way, and successfully return, even.

Now, of course, the three swords are glamour, and the real test is now. Since the sword is evil (forged from the teeth of an evil dragon, bla bla bla), I was thinking of having the big faerie who threw it in Faerie as a test give ti to the person who least wants it...

But I'm not so sure how to do so in a way that all players will consider fair and not complain about.

Any suggestions?

Other possible solutions for how to determine who gets the sword in the end are also welcome.

Have the PCs decide it, of course. Certamen time!!!

If the sword is evil, that's even better. It mustn't be fair. They must all desire it!!! They must know it is powerful, and deal with the fact that, unless none of them have it, one of them will. Will this prove the destruction of their covenant?

What Realm is the sword aligned to?
I assume Magic , if forged from dragon teeth.

If there is a contest , will there be lesser prizes for those who dont get the sword?
What if there were a method , true or not , to make the sword "good"?
Are we talking Stormbringer evil?

Elric of Melniboné: I'll never forget that book. Decent fantasym but printed on very cheap paper with cheap ink/toner/whatever it is they use - so it stank!

Sorry, off topic! Well, more offtopic than sorry really! :unamused:

Could make it require a high characteristic to be able to withstand the evil, so for example the character with the highest Presence could get it on the basis of them being the only one capable of handling it...
Or maybe the one with the highest of an Ability(like Magic Lore).
Or based on who has a specific personality trait that either counters the swords evil, or one that goes along with it and is raised in strength while the character is in posession of the sword. :smiling_imp:

They have the Sword , now they need the Shield.
4 Realms , 4 Items.

I cannot write how much I like this idea. The story behind it would be wild. The possibilities... one person who made all the items, or a cabal that represented each realm making a item for a single mysterious person, or the realms simply produced them from the very essence of their realm, or ect.

This could be so much fun. Such a imagination starter, thanks!

and then you could even have one ring to rule them all!

Obviously they are Set Items (marked clearly wth green text), so what can they do if you collect them all?


So, unique items are golden in more than one way then? :wink:

I once had a Dm line a chamber with purple flamed torches, because when he asked for suggestions for loot we said we wanted a purple item each.

It must be fair because I don't want them to fight over it as that could very well kill the game. It is a very powerful item that really shouldn't be in the PCs hands, but they went after it fair and square, and now I must think of a way to give it to one of them for a while and another to have them lose it without making them feel cheated out of their shiny.

It is actually aligned with the Faerie realm, as the dragon was a faerie Dragon.

It is not a contest in that sense, but a race/challenge to see who ends up with the powerful item, so no, no lesser prizes.

What about a method to make the sword good? Not sure how that would help me in figuring out a way to give it to one of them without GM Fiat.

We're talking "I can give you everything you want, but it will cost you the blood of all those around you and eventually kill you from paranoia or someone's greed" evil.

You could put a "pricetag" on its use instead. Perhaps a grand nonmagical ritual is needed before use, or even on a regular basis? Maybe it needs to be fed specific Vis. Or perhaps Vis tainted by a specific Realm.
Very particular sacrifices? Nasty, difficult to get or simply just strange and unexpected things, just about anything living or formerly living could be used.

Faerie being all about Stories , do you want to leave this campaign arc to move onto other interests
and possibly return to it later?

I only suggest something for other players , to avoid arguments , if that is a possibility.
If only one player gets the big prize , and all the others get is xp/enjoyment , but they are agreed on it being fair , no problem.

This is a time-delaying tactic. A side-quest , so you have time to work out what you want to do.
If the only objection is the "evilness" , then co-operating on a quest to fix this might appeal to players.
Changing a Story is a big thing , maybe it's part of the power struggle between "Good" and "Evil".
It's about the Story , not who wins after all.

Sounds like a major "interfering with the mundanes" item that will get you Marched. :mrgreen:
Won't whoever gets the Sword effectively become an npc?
Unless this is part of a campaign arc where they become a major antagonist.

Just some random thoughts...

Since the sword is aligned with Faerie, maybe the sword is in fact a Faerie (spirit) playing its role. It can become "good" (or at least less evil), but only if the character teaches it through example (vitality and creativity).

As a result, maybe giving the sword to the character which has been the most creative (or who displayed be highest moral sense) during the race to retrieve the sword will receive it. This may be because the faerie spirit in the sword is narrowly cognizant (and changing its role will feed it more vitality). Or maybe because the faerie who will give the sword is highly cognizant and knows that the human owner can change the sword's role.

Thanks everybody for the suggestions!