How to Kill a Dragon: In 3 easy steps

I'm really not shure about the "little rocks in the cow" trap.

I would rule that the dragon MR would kick in when he bites the cow (is he really gonna swallow it whole!? that's a huge dragon). If not i guess that he as a chance to feel the rock as they are in his mount or when they are inside of him (even the pebble, they are magical, they are inside him...) Even after that i guess that the big dragon MR is a bit like parma, so he can "shut if off" for a while. So if the dragon turns it off the rock become pebble again so he can spit it out.

I just think that the MR is essentially a bonus, and while you can use the ennemy advantage to distract, attrack or trick him for a moment, it remains an advantage. Ultimately i wouldn't simply allow the natural advantage of the creature to be the only element of her downfall. To me, in that regard, the pebble thing is a nice distraction. But i'm not shure i would allow it (as i really don't know how this plan is rule supported).

I just imagine the magus reputation. "Slay dragons using magic pebbles hidden in a cow+3" :wink:


"Does the magic pass through the resitance?" if the answer is yes, than the spell is resisted.

Any spell that you cast inside of the dragon would definately be resisted. Opening the intangable tunnel would also be resisted.

Yes!! Resitance keeps magic away from the target. The rules are crystal clear on this point.

(OK you asked Caribet not me)

I get that magic resistance keeps magic away from you. Sorry.

What I mean to say is, can we define exactly how far magic resistance extends from the body. I had imagined that unlike parma which extends from the body, creatures that are inherintely magical it would be the skin itself. I had not imagined that magic would be resisted passing between the claws of a dragons foot, without actually touching the dragon. Similarly I had not imagined that personal magic resistance would effect something passing in thin air between you open jaws. Once a magic item touches your tongue yes, but until then?

It's part of the same discussion had on a different thread about whether a projectile shot mundanely is stopped dead if it has any enchantment on it. Some people said yes the projectile stops dead, others that it only stops dead if the magic was propelling the pebble, others that the projectile continued but the spell effect part was suppressed. My example of tiny enchanted pebbles in the body of a cow, if the dragon is eating the cow, does the entire cow get blocked from entering the mouth? At what stage of entering the mouth?

If the spell keeping the pebbles small was concentration then you can reverse it at will by letting go.

I think the magic boulders in the cow's stomach would be deflected from the dragon by it's Magic Might before they entered its mouth, maybe it would get half a cow in its mouth and half a cow on the floor.. It would probally probally alert him that there was something dangerous in the cow, an intelligent dragon would probally think something like "ooh, a spell on that half of the cow...there must be a mage around to eat". An animal intelligence dragon would probally have some instinct that says "cow bad".

Isn't there a rule in Fifth Edition that Muto spells can't damage anything by changing back? I may be making that up, since I don't have my book handy, but it would make sense that the rock would just change back to its normal size outside of the dragon or something.

None that I am aware of. It only says that the change itself isn't harmful.

It could be adjudicated à la Mage: the dragon eats the cow and you later find the pebbles on the floor. Or you just don't find them and you never know what really happened. Or the dragon just doesn't eat the cow.

Fact is that if your magic doesn't penetrate, the dragon won't be affected. The rest is ultimately window-dressing.

Opening a new thread for further discussion.

In the main book, under the paragraph description of Muto, it does say it can't be used to harm anything directly. However it gives examples of turning someone into a fish on dry land or turning someone into stone as things you can do. And spells like The Crystal Dart and Teeth of the Earth Mother are both Mu Te spells that cause damage.

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and they have rego requisites (at least crystal dart does)

I like Eric's answer. Use a Rego Ignem ( I assume it would be ignem) ward to surround the dragon and trap him until he starves.

a ward for a dragon would be rego animal I beleive....look up ward against beast of legends

Maybe hope it chokes to death as it eats you?

  1. Do a LOT of IC research, seasons and seasons, both on dragonkind and the specific individual one you select. Know your enemy, generically and specifically. (When he's done, your character WILL be an authority on the subject.)

  2. "Research" might involve texts, spells, and/or sages/seers/witches/hedge magi/oracular pigs/magic eight balls... - use them all. If you can find a weakness, exploit it. All you need is one.

  3. Maybe make a test run, watch how it reacts. Use the distraction to take notes, or dash into its lair and out for a future advantage).

  4. Expect anyone going with you to die. (Maybe don't get too close on the test run.)

  5. Get creative. You aren't going to (easily) penetrate its magic, or its armour. You need an edge, a straight-up damage fest (probably) won't work, not for a character with your magnitude of spells.

  6. Have an escape plan. Hell, have several.

  7. (Consider your next character.)

Typically, dragons ~do~ have a weakness, be it a missing scale, pride, an irresistable lust for something- find it, use it. (And get it right the first time!)

(Edit- PS- Given that, traditionally, some dragons sleep for centuries, I would never believe a dragon could "starve". They eat for pleasure, not for survival. ymmv.)

I've taken my first (tiny) step towards slaying a dragon.

I've slain a dragon-slayer .. that's a start.. right? :slight_smile:

We found the submerged skeleton of a dragon being guarded by the ghost of the knight who killed it (the dragon had cursed him with it's dying breath to guard the bones until they were dust).

Some grogs died, one of my sodalis was inflicted with a mental illness, but that's fine, as I got rid of the ghost, got the skeleton (and intact heart) for study purposes, and (and I think this is the important bit) got hold of the remains of the sword ('Wurmslayer') which slayed the dragon.

But now.. any interesting suggestions on what I can do with the remains of this sword? I remember vaguely hearing that a weapon used to commit murder gets bonus's to.. something or other.. (told you it was vague :stuck_out_tongue: ). So a sword which has already slain a dragon should be useable in some way to slay another one.

Any suggestions on what that bonus would be? and also how best to use the sword? melt it down and make a ring of perdo animal? repair the sword to it's former glory? ...

oh and as for my sodalis who was inflicted with the mental illness.. it's hard to notice the difference :stuck_out_tongue:

Some might say it's Ryce with the mental illness! Afterall, it's him who wants to fight a dragon, not Santiago! :wink:

Ryce also thinks is acceptable to push a sodalis during an argument, only apologise half-heartedly afterwards, and then still expect that same sodalis to risk his life for him fighting by his side against a dragon. :stuck_out_tongue:

A Named Sword (Wurmslayer) , should be a significant item.
Even if you have only the shattered remnants.
Some of the Hero Tales tell of swords being reforged.

Research into the history and Maker might be a good idea.
Is/was it a Hermetic Item?
Any handy Verditious who might be interested?
If you have most of the remains ,
they should be an arcane connection allowing you to find the rest of the remains.

The only thing BTR would be a form/effect bonus, somehow, but if it's already a "dragon slaying" sword, I think you've already milked that one for all you're going to get.

For my money, I don't see a dedicated weapon being re-forgeable into anything but that- a weapon. Melting it down and making a "ring of unpleasantness vs dragons" just doesn't sound right. It's meant to be wielded as a weapon- possibly turned into a lancehead, or other such, but a cutting/impaling type weapon. (But that's a pretty subjective viewpoint, admittedly. Have to ask your GM. Or do (magical) research.)

Use it as-is, or see what sort of bonuses you could get to "reforge" it- which would be close to building one yourself, possibly. (But if the current bonuses are huge, it might be worthwhile to keep it as is, hence the suggestion for a spear-head etc.)

As an afterthought, rather than having someone actually wield the weapon, IF you could piss it off enough, you could get it to charge you. If you had an effective T-port ready, even a short-range one, and had the weapon mounted as a "spear" behind you, you might get it to impale itself on the thing. If you were lucky.

But it would be less dangerous than going toe-to-toe with the weapon in hand.

It's dead!

Lost my favourite, and longest living grog (along with lots more I didn't care about), one of our mages got toasted, and another got a little mauled, but I was uninjured, so all is good!

We killed it, yay! :slight_smile:

Thanks go to all for the advice over the previous 3 pages of this thread.

Ryce Dragonslayer

4 months later? C'mon, kick down - give the dirt! We want all the grizzly details!!! :laughing:

16 months, actually... and agreed! Has to be a good story by now.