How to learn Summoning?

I´m thinking about a character, that learns Summoning as described in "The Infernal", p. 114 - 115 (Ars Goetia). It is an NPC and he should learn the ability while the saga is in progress. He doesn´t have The Gift. It is acceptable for him that the use of his new ability counts as tainted and will be perceived as unholy by Divine Powers of investigation (see insert: The Infernal, p. 115) but at its heart the character is not an infernal one. His Summoning Ability will be associated with the Magic Realm.

My question is: How can he learn this ability?

In RAW, p. 166 there are rules about "Learning Supernatural Abilities", but they are only valid for characters with The Gift. "The Infernal", p. 126, states: "Any companion characters or magi who have somehow been touched by evil can learn Supernatural Abilities associated with the Infernal realm [...] This study activity follows the same rules as for magi learning magical Supernatural Abilities [...]" Later, some Infernal Traditions are described. Some of them use Summoning as "Favored Abilities".

My ungifted character isn´t "touched by evil". He only wants to learn [Magic] Summoning. Is it possible for him to learn "Summoning" following the rules as for magi learning magical Supernatural Abilities? Or does he need a mystery initiation? (I´d like to avoid that). Or is there another way?


Would it be acceptable to have it as a latent virtue from character creation? If so you don't need to justify it, it's just something he has within him.

Otherwise: Well, the SG could have a (disguised) demon teach him it...

In past discussions on the matter, a bit of Infernal Warping was deemed sufficient to count as 'touched by evil' for the purpose of learning Supernatural abilities affiliated with the Infernal realm. As for how the character will improve his goetic art, providing a grimoire is a good option if the character in question is literate. If not, perhaps he could be put into contact with members of an Infernal Tradition who could provide training once the demon vouches for him?

From a book with corrupted Abilities is an option. Or possessing any Infernally tainted Flaw.

It's frighteningly easy to learn (Tainted) Goetic Arts, that's part of the point and the temptation.


That's straight out of RoP: I as it happens.