How to organize magic items?

I've been thinking of adding magic items to the spells wiki, but realized the categorization to TeFo combinations just isn't effective. How should magic items be categorized for ease of reference?

I was thinking basing it on the typical uses of the item. Something like:
Combat Enhancement/Protection
Covenant/place affecting
Mundane Work Enhancements/Replacements
Enlightment/Mystic Effects

That's probably the way to go. A magic item can be of many tech/form, so that's no good.
Obviously there can be several categories with your new proposal as well, but if one just put them where they are most at use, then it will be fine.

A Talisman category would also be useful.
Since talismans tend to cross several categories, and have different restrictions.

Ed C

I would love sample Talisman ideas and effets. I really think most established magi would have one and have had trouble coming up with interesting and useful ideas for my NPCs.