Human eggs

What happens if a shifter or heartbeast turns into a bird while pregnant? Can they lay eggs for their progeny? What if they're impregnated while in animal form?

Bjornaer cannot shapechange while pregnant, as I recall, and I further recall that shapeshifters have the same restriction. Skinchangers might be able to.

If stuck in animal form, your offspring are your animal form, perhaps able to change into humans.

I thought they could shape change but would lose the fetus in the process. I'm hundreds of miles from my HoH:MC, though.

This. And more can be read on page 18 of HoH: MC, last paragraph.

HoH:MC says what happens to the child if one parent or the other is a natural animal (a mundane beast or child without a soul), but it doesn't say what happens if the child of two shifters mate and bear children in animal form (eagle heartbeast couple could pop out a clutch in about a month and a half). Do they get skinchangers, animals with a soul/Intelligence, or something else?

Animals with souls can't happen, but I'm pretty sure you can get humans without souls.