(Humor) Rejected Arts

Bonisagus, with the assistance of the other Founders, managed to compile a vast range of magical styles into the elegant and discrete system of nouns and verbs that the Order of Hermes uses today.

The process didn't always go smoothly, however, and a number of Arts wound up on the cutting-room floor so to speak. This thread is to postulate on some of the Techniques and Forms that, for whatever reason, never made the cut...

Rejected Techniques:
Claudeo = I fail
Inquino = I befoul
Oleo = I stink
Sedeo = I sit
Titillo = I tickle

Rejected Forms:
Algentem = Broccoli
Fatuum = Idiots
Fictilem = Pottery
Fimum = Dung
Telam = Cloth

So what other Arts might slumber away forgotten in the vaults of Durenmar?

Might help if we don't have to translate Latin. :smiley: And online translation might make the joke harder to understand...

Well considering I mostly relied upon a mix of online translation and wiktionary to make the list, using the same sources probably won't detract from anyone's understanding, but I've edited it to include what I intended the translations to be... :blush:

Really, they're not very funny (I'm a dreadfully dull fellow), but the forum has been rather quiet lately and this seemed like a fun topic of conversation! :smiley: I'm sure there are funnier players out there...

No, they're funny!

I knew we were having a translation problem, though, as I guessed that Oleo was oil, and Google translate confirmed it.

Algentem makes me think of this: youtube.com/watch?v=WR6y71x3tSY

impugno - I attack
obstruas - I block
crescere - I grow
horreo - I shrink
pronĂșntio - I declare
coques - I cook

Rejected Techniques:
Leniter - I Gently
Violatis - I Roughly
Rotunde - I Smoothly
Repleti - I Filled
Ejicere - I Eject

Rejected Forms:
Conplexus - Caress
molestus - Molest
Pugnes - Harass
Plene - Fully
Vane - Emptily

Outstanding!!! :smiley:

Still waiting for recognition of my deep insight into magic. The redcap will come along soon I'm sure...

Bestest Techniques
I Drink - Bibo
I Shave - Tondeo
I Flake - Squamo
I Cough - Tussio
I Wait - Expecto

Bestest Forms
Shrubbery - Frutectum
Dandruff - Porrigo

Hedge Wizard Rich :stuck_out_tongue:

And in a further crime against the Latin language, here are a few more lost Arts I've recovered from the Bonisagi archives...

Iuctor = I Grapple
Meio = I Urinate
Obliviscor = I Forget
Queror = I Complain
Rideo = I Laugh

Cervisiam = Beer
Felem = Cat
Folium = Leaf
Iucem = Light
Panem = Bread