Hungarian timeline

I wrote a timeline for my parts of Against the Dark, but we cut it for space that could be used for ideas set in 1220.

I've just put it up on my blog, in case you find it useful. ... -timeline/

Wow, excelent material, thanks a lot for sharing this. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this timeline, even if I focus more on the Rhine Tribunal this info may come into use when I have to be GM at our group again.

Sub Rosa #4 has a small bit of historical information on Bulgaria's timeline, from 1185 to about 1300, with bibliography, which might supplement this nicely and give more detail to the region. It's part of the covenant write up for Seuthopolis.


This totally doesn't really belong in this thread, but I didn't think it was worth starting a new one:

The British Library web site has this utterly cool medieval timeline with period illustrations and factoids about the life and times. Thought some of you might enjoy it :smiley:

Very interesting, indeed!

Thanks Timothy, much appreciated!