Hyperborean Enchantment Formula

Good day all
On page 118 of Ancient Magic, an example of enchantment of the Hyperborean wizards is shown
In it, the calculation done for the number of warping points that are gained by the wizard seems to be slightly incorrect, and since I am currently creating a Hyperborean wizard for a game, I would like someone to check my math.

The number of warping points that should be gained is equal to the amount needed to open the item for enchantment, in this case huge hard stone (4*5)=20 + the level of the effect /10. In the last sentence of the first paragraph, the level effect is described as 40, so that latter chunk of the calculation outputs 4 warping points. However, the actual effect that is listed in the sidebox is 45, so shouldn't the number of warping points gained by the wizard be 25 (20 + (45/10)) instead of the listed 24?

Thanks for the help!

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(Base 4, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +4 Boundary) should give a total of 35, and not 40 or 45. Not to mention that both calculations in that box are wrong:
The first one says Boundary is +5, when it's +4.
The second one lists Sight +3, when it's Touch +1.

So the listed Warping of 24 is correct.


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So for the actually enchantment the proper calculation would be at touch duration?
The original Thalia’s relief is at touch range, and that seems to have been copy-pasted, but the enchanted item effects anyone who crosses the boundary so shouldn’t the range be greater?

The range is the range from the item to where the effect is created, so the item needs to Touch the Boundary, and anyone in the Boundary is affected.

Got it, thanks!