Hyperborean Illumination (Ancient Magic Spoiler)

Hyperborean Hymnists have their own form of Twilight, called Illumination or Apollo's Light, which is interesting. It triggers the same way -- 2+ warping points in one event.

Except, other than targetted Creo Vim spells agains them, when is that ever going to happen? Recitations don't actually involve rolls, and thus can't botch. I suppose there's a chance that a seasonal hymn thing to learn a new power could botch, but that's not going to happen very often...

Is this intended, that only certain seasonal activities will send a Hyperborean Wizard into Apollo's Light? Or was it an oversight that needs to be errata'd?

It is not supposed to happen as often as Hermetic Twilight, because it doesn't come with as many benefits - so seasonal activities is the main source.