I can't remember when there was this much enthusiasm

A bit of an off-topic post, but I really can't remember a time when the Ars forum was this busy.

I became used to stopping by every now and then to see whether the latest thread on "Ice: Aquam or Terram, you decide" had another post or not. Now, leave it alone for twelve hours and there's a dozen or more updated threads.

I have to say, I think Atlas-Games themselves can take huge credit for that. They've presided over a great run of books with this fifth edition and they've given us so much to latch onto and explore.

Good going guys! Nice to be feelin' the love again.

Yes, though I notice the Beklist has gone quieter than I can ever remember it. I'm guessing that some of the traffic has transferred? :slight_smile:

Still it's peaceful.

cj x

I certainly find a bulletin board to be a format more conducive to discussion than a mailing list.

The Berk list has been pretty quiet as of late.

The Berklist has been quiet, perhaps for some, all or none of the following reasons:

  1. Since ArM5, many of the frequent/vocal posters have contributed to the line in the form of authorship (Caribet, Alex, Erik D, Timothy, Mark S etc) and seem to be eternally bound by one NDA or another. There's a much more consistent pool of "regular authors" now and incidentally these are the people that seemed to contribute most to Hermes Portal (except of course Michael dV), which is also notably quiet of late....

  2. The members of the playtesting list is also longer and seems to also be strictly bound by NDAs from some hints dropped through the last months.

  3. The possible inrush of "newbies" to ArM5 finds the forums more helpful, accessible and easier to read/search/track than the quasi-spam that the Berklist devolves into during a flamewar.

  4. Most of the discussion on TMRE and RoP:tI has been diverted to the Forums thanks to Erik T's (and Wanderer's) excellent postings, supported by clarifications from Erik, Caribet/Neil and CJ who have been quite active lately. I suspect Tim and Alex in Oz haven't recieved their author copies yet of RoP:tI, as Gary and I only recieved our Warehouse 23 copies a few days ago.

  5. No one has anything meaningful to say (no really...)

  6. People have other things to do with their time.

Thoughts to consider,