What 4th and 5th editions books cover Iberia?

There is only Peter Hentges' 3rd edition book Iberia. The newer mentions of the Tribunal are incidental, like in F&F Hermetic Culture and The Lost Covenant of Val-Negra, or HoH:S Flambeau.


If you do get a copy of the Iberia book, you may want to ignore everything about demons in parentheses, and probably most of the rest of the references to the infernal.

ok i was hopping for a book that would help I have all 2nd, 3rd and nearly all 4th ed books. So i have the Iberia book from 3rd.

http://www.redcap.org/page/Iberian_Tribunal covers what 5th edition has to say about Iberia - which is not very much.

The Conciatta section of Legends of Hermes contains some information as well.

Lords of Men has a little on the nobility.