Ice magic

According to the RAW every non-living solid is partly Terram.

Anyway, if we actually read the RAW, it turns out we are both right. You more than me.

In the section on The Elemental Forms (after the definition of the Forms), in ArM5 it says:

So, the solid nature of ice is governed by Terram, but you don't need a Terram requisite to create it. Ignem is likewise irrelevant to the creation of ice unless you happen to want warm ice.

Being an elementalist I don't really need to worry about requisites (except that they often increase the spell level).
So I was pondering: a scalding hot javelin of ice... It will first strike the target and then cause burns -> weehoo! And then the confusion among your friends when you shriek and run away in horror the moment they try to treat your burns with a ice-pack. :smiling_imp: