Ideas for Mythic Blood?


I'm creating a character, one with the Mythic Blood virtue. I thought that he would be a direct decendant of Pralix. I have some background ideas on this, and I haven't found anything in the canon setting yet that suggests that this would be impossible. The backstory is tied in with her disappearance and such. Anyway, a decendant of Pralix, I guess that would count for Mythic Blood. What kind of power would be suitable to go with it?
For personality flaw, I thought Higher Purpose, as the character, being from the Lineage of Pralix (from HoH: Societas) wants to make peace between the Order and the hedge wizards (stop the "join or die" thing.. I know, not a very popular idea). His Minor Magical Focus is with Exotic Magic, and I just change the one gained from his training to Minor Potent Magic in the same area.
But, the power that goes with Mythic Blood. Any ideas?



If your sg allows it, sth that seals bargains (using a fairie magic bargain or until): This would explain why Pralix was so good a neotiator.

That would be a tough effect to be "permanent", and without permanence there is no "sealing".

But the direction is approp. I'd suggest something that brings people to the table in the first place, which is often the hardest part of negotiations and arbitration. Some Mentem effect, perhaps a Muto to create what might be an unnatural feeling of empathy in all parties, to understand the other's side of the issue.

Being able to use the Bargain or Until durations for deals performed without magic (free will) would be a cool ability to make the agreements binding. Slightly off the scope of hermetic magic as well, but not by much, so fair game to me


By the way, in the description of Mythic Blood, it says that the power can be invoked and cancelled at will. Does this mean that it is a power you "turn on and off"? How should Duration be handled in this case?


Duration still plays its usual role because

  • starting a power might require words and gestures (which might lead to problems in public locations)
  • ending a power at will is not a usual function of hermetic magic (mutantum magic ex mercere and some muto spells being exeptions)